Hurricane over land…high wind warning

The forecasted “bomb” is still set to arrive over the next two days. If the forecast holds true, this could be one of the strongest low pressure centers I have ever seen. I went back to look at the pressure readings from the Edmund Fitzgerald storm on November 10, 1075 and the November 10, 1998 storm. The barometric pressure from the Edmund Fitzgerald storm was 28.95″ of mercury. This is comparable to a Category 1 hurricane. The pressure from the 1998 storm was 28.45″. This is like a Category 2 hurricane. The forecasted pressure for the storm on Tuesday and Wednesday is 28.31″ If this occurs, it would likely be a new record for lowest pressure in our area. The lowest pressure ever recorded in the United States not from a tropical system was 28.28″ in Cleveland, Ohio on January 26, 1978. This was known as the Great Blizzard of 1978. Amazing stuff. I will be watching this closely.

What does this all mean? It means that we will have very high winds for the next few days that could bring wind gusts to 60 mph. The November 10, 1998 storm had winds gusts in our area over 80 mph in a few spots. This is a dangerous storm. Take a look at the 1998 storm write-up from Storm Data.

Here is the timeline of the upcoming storm. First, a line of storms will fire along the cold front arriving in our area between 4 and 9 am. Here is what the RPM is forecasting for 6 am.

This line of storms may be able to tap into very strong winds just above the surface and transition those down to the ground. If this occurs, damaging winds of 60 to 70 mph are certainly possible. After the storms move through, the winds may die down temporarily, but not for long. The entire area is under a High Wind Warning from 7am Tuesday to 7pm Wednesday.

Winds will be very strong all day Tuesday. Sustained winds will be between 25 and 40 miles per hour with gusts to 60. The winds will slacken a bit on Tuesday night to 20-35, but pick up again on Wednesday to 25-40. This is a very long-duration event. There is a good possibility of trees down, power outages, and airport delays.

Stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 News throughout the storm.  You can also get updates anytime here:

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Also, please post your pictures and videos during the storm to the U-Local section of!  We will be showing viewer photos and videos on WISN 12 News over the next several days.

Thanks for reading and stay safe the next few days.



12 Responses

  1. I hope the LRC isn’t 60 days again like last year or this storm will be back right on Christmas. Although there’s no way it would be as strong the next time around, it would still cause a lot more trouble given the timing.

    • Early indications from my LRC friends is that it is not a 60 day pattern. More to come. Thanks.


  2. can you drive in winds like this???

    • Yes…just keep two hands on the steering wheel and watch out for others on the road too.


  3. Could you give those pressure readings in millibars, too? It makes it easier to compare with hurricanes, etc. Thanks!

  4. When this storm comes back in 50 some days someone is going to get a major blizzard.

  5. ~964mb bomb…very nice. Not good for those east of you along the boundary.

    Here in KC…sitting with pressure near 988mb..which for most cases would be a very strong surface low sitting over head. In this case, it is hundreds of miles away. Very impressive.

    Now, this said – there is huge baroclinic action with this storm. I wonder as it returns with more seasonal temps if it will be as strong. Even so, it needs to be watched as it returns. It should come through twice in meteorological winter and provide an early spring surprise as well. [well, it won’t be much of a surprise for us]

    Hold on to your hats and start thinking about the next time it returns. Next time, MKE should be on the north side of the surface low..and in winter we know what that means…

    For those south of it…thunder ice and storms?


    • As this storm gets to it’s half way point, I am looking forward to the repeat this winter. I will have ready more wood for heat and more candles for light.

      • Josh,

        This will be fun to see when it comes through again, but keep in mind the jet stream strength and position will have changed. So certainly aspects of the storm will be somewhat different. Once the length of the pattern is known, we’ll be able to line this up with a time window, likely sometime in December.


  6. I think snow should be outlawed, just have a cold and snowless winter. : )

    • I would take an inch of snow over these winds anyday.


  7. You don’t have to shovel cold; if this does cycle back mid-winter…let’s just say I plan to stock up on food now.

    I had to drive from downtown Milwaukee to Eagle late this morning for a wake. The winds were stiff, but being aware of the conditions and keeping both hands on the wheel made for a relatively easy drive. The worst gusts hit as you crested the hill at Moorland.

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