Vote For More Nice Weather

Happy Monday. Not a bad start to November. We had a fair amount of lake clouds around this morning, but most of that broke up during the day or rotated north as the winds started to shift from Northeast to East. Take a look at the visible satellite picture from 3:30pm.

You can see the path of clouds extending from Michigan to Central Wisconsin. There still is one band of thicker clouds in Manitowoc and northern Sheboygan county. This will continue to rotate during the night and I can’t rule out some clouds near the lake early tomorrow. That will not last long.

On to election day. Weather will not be a factor in the election, except to bring a higher turnout. Across the state sunshine is expected with mild temperatures. Highs will be in the 50s. There is no precipitation expected anywhere in Wisconsin. Get out and vote.

As for our extended forecast, it still looks like it will be getting chilly late this week. Highs will struggle to reach the low 40s on Friday and Thursday will be chilly as well. Before we get there, Wednesday will bring the passage of a cold front that could kick off a few light showers or sprinkles. The coldest air will lag behind the front so the weather will still be mild on Wednesday. Here is a look at Thursday afternoon’s forecast from the GFS model.

The GFS is trying to squeeze out a little moisture from the overcast sky that is expected on Thursday. If this occurs it could be either sprinkles or our first flurries of the season. Check out the expected temperatures.

The temps will be struggling to get to the middle 40s in the afternoon. Lows will likely drop into the 20s everywhere on Friday night.

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2 Responses

  1. The new pattern is set up…the cycle is likely set. Time for showtime in the next week or so to plan out the winter.

    I have been watching two analog years as well. Last year, that activity proved to be useful with the record AO. This year, I am interested in 1974 and 2007.

    We shall see…but certainly, this winter will be much different than last year’s.

    • Hey, Scott,

      GFS hinting at bigger storm 15 days out. Does this mesh with anything you are seeing? I look forward to watching the pattern even more closely this winter. This is like your Super Bowl.


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