Evening Sprinkles/Flurries

Happy Sunday. Many of you are breathing a sigh of relief after seeing the huge snow totals across Minnesota and NW Wisconsin. You snow lovers out there are wishing that low pressure center would have gone farther south and east giving us the snow. Take a look at the following pics and total maps.

This is a picture from the National Weather Service in Duluth. The snow was very heavy and wet and coated everything.

This is from the Sterlings. They are friends of mine living just north of Minneapolis. The picked up 10″ of snow. Take a look at the totals.

This is from the NWS office in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

A thank you to the NWS in Duluth for this graphic. Pretty impressive totals.

In the meantime, we could see our first snowflakes of the season this evening. Here is the current radar image.

Most of the precipitation is only light rain showers right now, but as the evening goes on I would not be surprised to see a few snowflakes mixing in. No accumulation is expected as temps will remain above freezing and ground temperatures are quite warm.

The rest of the week is looking pretty quiet. A few showers are possible Tuesday night and Wednesday. Maybe a few snowflakes. Deer hunters are getting excited for next weekend. Gun deer season begins on Saturday. The weekend may bring a few light rain showers with temps in the 40s. A few snowflakes are possible up north. Colder air will work in during Thanksgiving week. More to come as the weekend gets closer. Thanks for reading.



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