First the Leonid Meteors, then the cold

Forgive the brief blog and bad pun. I am under the weather tonight. I sound like Barry White on the air. Cool air moves in tonight, but it is only a brief cool-down before a taste of winter arrives next week. Our high will be lucky to hit 40 tomorrow, but we bounce back to 50 on Friday. If we clear out tonight, and I believe we will, check out the Leonid Meteor Shower.

I want to thank Astronomy magazine for the Leonid picture. Dress warmly if you want to see as many as 20 meteors per hour.  The peak was last night, but we were cloudy. Thursday morning after 3am should be the best chance to see anything.

As for Thanksgiving week, get ready for the coldest air of the season. Jeremy was hinting at this a few weeks ago when talking about the LRC. I will be talking much more about the LRC in future blogs, and yes, what I thought was too good to be true, is actually the real deal. It is pretty amazing. Look for the winter forecast on 12 news at ten next Tuesday night.

As for next week’s cold air, take a look at the GFS forecast for Thanksgiving and beyond.

The above image is a surface temperature forecast for Thanksgiving. This is just the beginning of the cold. By the Saturday after Thanksgiving it gets much colder.

Get ready for highs that may not get out of the teens. Of course, this is still quite a ways out, but the cold air has been building in Canada and it is a matter of time before a stronger trough allows that cold air to rush into the Upper Midwest. Stay tuned.



2 Responses

  1. Mark now believes in the LRC. I was a little skeptical at first when I heard about it last winter, but after seeing the pattern from last year and how things lined up every 60 days or so I am a believer as well.

    • Bryan,

      Sorry to take so long to respond. I am a believer, but still have much to learn. Thanks.

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