From Spring To Winter

***Watch the winter forecast Tuesday at 10pm on WISN 12!***

Thank for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  We are just one day away from the winter forecast!  We have worked hours on this special piece that will be like no other winter forecast ever shown in Milwaukee!  Here is what you can expect to learn at 10pm Tuesday.

  • A relatively new weather pattern theory is helping to forecast the weather weeks and even months in advance.
  • Find out how the theory works, and hear from its founder.
  • How much snow southeastern Wisconsin is expecting this winter.
  • Whether temperatures will be below average, average, or above average this winter.

Those are just a few of the items that we will highlight during the piece.

For now, the focus is not on winter, but on Spring-like weather in southeast Wisconsin.  Temperatures jumped on Sunday evening to near 60 degrees ahead of low pressure.  Thunderstorms rumbled into the region to kickoff Monday.  And now a second wave of storm could blow through later Monday.

Below is a forecast surface map for 6pm Monday.  A cold front will be slamming into our mild and moist air in southeast Wisconsin.  This should lead to a line of thunderstorms.

With moisture, lift, and shear in the atmosphere, a few storms could be severe.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area in the slight risk for severe storms Monday.  Click on the map below to enlarge.

The main threat from the storms would be strong winds, but an isolated tornado(especially in Illinois) can’t be ruled out.  A Tornado Watch covers central and northern Illinois until 6pm Monday.

If severe weather does develop, stay with WISN 12 and Weather Watch 12 for updates!

The surface map from around noon on Monday was incredible!  70s in Illinois, and teens in Minnesota!  The cold air will pour southeast and drive our daytime highs back into the 30s for Tuesday!

Enjoy the mild weather while you can!  Because a taste of winter is only hours away!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


3 Responses

  1. Are you guys going to re-air or post your winter forecast on the blog as well because I’m at work at that time and I wouldn’t want to miss it. I don’t have that record feature with my cable package so I can’t just save it and watch it later.

    • It will be posted online and there will be an extensive blog version too.

      Glad you are looking forward to it.


  2. How unusual to have a tornado watch at this time of the year! Not really looking forward to what’s coming, but I guess it had to arrive sooner or later. Up near Lomira we had some sun earlier this morning but we now have dense fog and mist again, pretty much a repeat of yesterday.

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