The Winter Forecast Tonight On 12 News At 10!

The day is finally here!  In just hours the unveiling of our winter forecast for 2010-11!

Here’s a quick sneak peak…

There’s a relatively new weather pattern theory that may unlock the secret of long range weather forecasting.  I first learned of the theory back in 2006 while working in Kansas City.  After a year of seeing how the theory worked, I was hooked!  It allows for the possibility of making accurate long range forecasts weeks, or months in advance! 

Tonight at 10, we will show you what the theory says will happen in southeastern Wisconsin this winter and why!  The best kept secret will then be told, how much snow and cold we are exepcting this winter season!  Once we issue the forecast, we will keep track of the pattern and cycle right here in the blog all winter!

This winter will be fascinating, especially since we are still waiting on our first snowflakes of the season!  It has been an odd Fall with tornadoes in late October, and again in late November!

Below is a picture of a tornado yesterday in Caledonia, Illinois.  This is the same cell that produced a tornado in Walworth County.

What does our warm, dry, and active Fall mean for this winter?  The answers in our winter forecast on WISN 12 News at 10pm!

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. This morning we had a few snow flurries in the Oostburg area.


    • Sue,

      Thank you for the report. Tornadoes one day, snow the next…


  2. Jeremy, why is the same tornado that touches down in Walworth and skips then drops again in racine counted as a seperate tornado, shouldn’t they be counted as the same one since they came from the same storm in the same spot? I never understood why they are counted as seperate ones.

    • Bryan, according to the NWS, if there is a 2 mile gap anywhere in a tornado path, then it counts as another tornado, even if the same cell produces it.


  3. Thanks Jeremy. I look forward to watching tonight to see the Milwaukee tv debut of the LRC though it has been on this blog for a year. The Channel 12 weather team makes weather fun to follow!

    • Bryan,

      Not only will we have the forecast on at 10pm tonight…there will be a large blog explaining the forecast and going in-depth. More maps, graphics, and explanations.


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