From Tornadoes to Teens. What a wild weather week.

Happy Thanksgiving from Weather Watch 12. The temps have tumbled today. It is hard to believe that we hit 65 degrees on Monday and highs won’t even get to 30 tomorrow. You have to love Wisconsin weather.

We have not had a chance to talk too much about the tornadoes last Monday, so I want to take an opportunity to recap the rare tornado event.  Two tornadoes hit Wisconsin. One in Walworth county and one in Kenosha and Racine counties. There were only 6 or 7 known November tornadoes to ever hit the state before the tornadoes on Monday. The last time we had a November tornado was November 1st, 1971. We can all be thankful that no injuries were caused by the two tornadoes. I want to show the paths of the tornadoes. The first one hit in Walworth county.

This was an EF1 tornado with a path length of 4 miles with a maximum width of 100 yards. Top winds were estimated at 105mph. Take a look at the doppler radar at the time of the tornado.

The next tornado was the one that hit Union Grove.

The path length was 11.5 miles. The top winds were also estimated to 105 miles per hour. Here is the doppler radar at the time of the tornado.

The image will loop if you put your cursor over the image. The two tornadoes brought our yearly state total of tornadoes to 46. This is the second most tornadoes to ever hit the state in a single calendar year.

Now, on to the cold. Shoppers beware. It is going to be bitterly cold on Friday. Wind chills could be as low at 5 below zero in the morning. Lows will be in the teens overnight and our high will only reach 27 degrees. This is our coldest weather so far this season. Here are the forecast temperatures from our high-resolution model.

I would not be surprised to see single digit lows away from Lake Michigan. The cold lasts through Saturday before we warm back to the low 40s on Sunday.

Have a safe holiday.



4 Responses

  1. Nice write up.

    • Hey, Scott. Watching next weekend for a little fun around here. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Checking the GFS model for next weekend Saturdayish looks like a fairly signifigant storm coming right over the Great Lakes with some cold air behind it.

    • We are watching closely. That may mesh with the wind storm from October 22nd if you are following the LRC.


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