Cold Shoppers

It was a very chilly start to Friday. Our coldest temperatures of the season arriving on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. I’m not sure if it is dedication or crazy to stand in line for the Black Friday deals. Take a look at the morning lows across the area.

The low in Milwaukee was 18 degrees. This is the first time we have been in the teens since February 26th. The lows don’t tell the whole story. Our wind chills were around or below zero this morning. Our lows tonight will be similar.

The above image is the forecast lows from our high-resolution model. Expect temps to be very similar to this morning. It will thankfully be sunny again on Saturday so that should help make it feel a little warmer. Speaking of warmer, the mild air returns on Sunday. It will be windy again, but the winds will be out of the southwest.  That will help warm us into the low to mid 40s.

The southwest winds will also start to bring in more moisture. This will help lead to a chance of rain showers on Monday. Look for another big cool down on Tuesday. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.



6 Responses

  1. My Davis brought in lows in the mid teens, and wind chills in the upper single digits.

    • Thanks, Chris.

  2. Just wanted some clarification on the conflicting reports regarding a possible storm event for next weekend. In your blog the other day Mark mentioned a significant storm event for next weekend like Saturday-ish possibly. On the early morning report today (Sat.) Luke Sampe gave us the long-range forecast for next week and said there were no significant storms on the horizon for the forseeable future. Was wondering about the seeming conflict there. Thanks.

    • Cliff, a substantial storm this coming weekend looks very unlikely. I did make a quick mention that I was wathching the weekend on FB, but don’t think I blogged about it. Thanks.

      p.s. There will always be conflicting forecasts between meterorologists. That is the nature of forecasting.

  3. The forecast for this morning wouldn’t include next weekend so Luke was probably strictly referencing the 7-day. Who can really say what is going to happen with the storm next weekend at this point anyways. The problem this far out is that the two main weather models show their biases at this point. ECMWF is always the warm and northerly storm track model and the GFS is always too cold and too far south in the storm track.

    • Thanks, Daniel. It’s very easy to get burned by putting all your eggs in one computer model basket.


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