Cold Winds of Change

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  The last day of November 2010 will go down in the weather history of Milwaukee as having a high of 48 degrees, but that certainly will give a poor representation of the day!  A strong cold front but the brakes on temperatures early, and by Tuesday afternoon readings were at or below freezing.

Below is a surface map from around 12:30pm.  The colored in circles that are blue or red represent cloudy skies.  While the ‘*’ symbol is light snow.  Also, the red number is the air temperature, with the green number being the dew point.

On the map below it was 33 degrees in Milwaukee and breezy at this time.  If you look back into Minnesota though, temperatures were only in the teens!



That cold air is pouring southeast and will not only give us a cold start on Tuesday around 20, but also a chilly afternoon with highs in the upper 20s, and wind chills all day in the teens to low 20s!  So December will start off with some winter-like temps.

I know some may welcome at least a wintry feel, since November didn’t produce anything more than a trace of snow in Milwaukee.  Typically we see the first 1 inch snow around November 30, and the first measurable snow a couple of weeks before that.

There is a chance of snow this weekend.  At the moment it doesn’t look like a major storm, but it may be enough to bring a chance of something sticking.  The models vary in how this little disturbance will play out, but below is the 12Z GFS forecast for Saturday at 6pm.  If this was the case, light snow would be possible, and we can’t rule out the possibility of a mix too.

If you have travel plans on Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning make sure to watch our newscasts for the latest data as the weekend nears.  And look for an update on the weather pattern that was discussed in the winter forecast later this week!

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Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


7 Responses

  1. A few flakes for the game on Sunday would be nice.

    Question for you Jeremy, is the current low pressure the recurrence of the low pressure that rolled thru on Oct 22nd & 23rd? It was the system before the ‘Great Lakes Cyclone’, or could it be either or? It’s been around 40 days…

    • Josh,

      I’m trying to figure out the cycle duration to a more specific timeframe right now. I was wondering if today was the wind storm from October 26 and then what occurs this weekend followed, but then it also looks like October 17. Like I have mentioned before, this year is about the earliest we have tried to tackle the cycle duration. 2 weeks from now I think it will really be clear. The maps below is interesting though!

      • What do those numbers represent in that third image you linked to? I thought the 540 line was where the rain/snow line is located, but in that map it is north of Lake Superior.

      • Daniel,

        Keep in mind when I do map comparisons I show the 500mb charts…or the middle of the atmosphere. The 540 thickness line is shown on surface maps that have the 500-1000mb thickness represented on it. That is usually a good indicator of the rain/snow line.


      • Very similar look to those three links. Thanks for sharing them. With my inexperienced eye, I would disregard the Oct 17th map only because it’s a more zonal flow and there isn’t a High located near TX and northern Mexico like there is today and Oct 29. Fun stuff.

      • Josh,

        I wouldn’t throw out October 17 just yet. The flow will look a little different from October to December because of a different jet position, but the long term long wave positions should be very close. It will be fun to watch!


  2. It’s quite similar in nature to the ‘Great Lakes Cyclone’ if I am not mistaken…

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