Friday Evening Snowfall Update

***Watch WISN 12 News Saturday morning from 5-9am for weather updates!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog.  Our weather center is always getting new data, and after looking over the final run of information before the snow starts, I did one last tweak of the snowfall forecast. 

Below is a snowfall forecast from our in-house high resolution computer model.  The snow forecast map that I showed on WISN 12 News Friday at 10pm was very close to this.  It now appears that any lake effect or enhanced snow in the northern lakeshore counties would be fairly minor, so totals in the northern part of our viewing area will likely be in the 0.5″ to 1.5″ range, with a general 2″ to 4″ band from Madison to Milwaukee and points south.  Within that band, most areas will fall in the 2″ to 3″ range.

The big winners with this storm will be in southwest Wisconsin where 6″ to 8″ will pile up!

Just click to enlarge the snowfall forecast map.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News Saturday morning from 5-9am for the latest on the snow!  And check out our Facebook page at WeatherWatch 12 for additional updates.  Also, please post your snow totals to the comments section of the blog and on Facebook so we can include them on our newscasts.  And finally, send us your pictures of the snow!  Send them to or  or best of all post them to the U-Local section of

Please see the blog entry below for more on the storm.

Enjoy the snow!

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. Nice work on this, guys!

    Does it look like another storm is looming for next Thursday/Friday? 🙂

  2. My prediction: 1.2 inches at Mitchell International.

  3. Absolutely nothing here in Sheboygan…..I was getting my hopes up for this storm.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for the update. Last night at 10 I showed your area in the <1" range. Thought you would at least see a heavy dusting. Don’t give up yet, you may catch a band of snow off the lake.


  4. I’m watching that… heavy would you expect it to be?

  5. Your forecast was right on, in the graphic. Only measured 0.1″ in my backyard this morning. OSNW3

    A “heavy dusting”. Nice work!

  6. Not much snow to speak of up near Lomira, perhaps an inch at best. Was easy to sweep.

    I have a question regarding the term “snowstorm”. What actually is the meteorological definition of that term? This was labeled a snowstorm, but from what I remember growing up a snowstorm meant huge amounts of snow, high winds, blowing and drifting. This certainly wasn’t a snowstorm by those standards. Was just curious to hear from you weather guys what constitutes a “snowstorm”.


  7. Jeremy,
    I see that on the 7 day it shows snow showers for next Thursday. Any chance we could see another storm then? 3 inches is nice here in Walworth, but 6 or 8 would be nice!

    • Kait,

      The storm for Thursday does not look big right now. We will continue to monitor the trends for late in the week though, especially next weekend.


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