Weekend Snow Update

***Watch WISN 12 News from 5-9am Saturday morning for the latest on the weekend storm!***

Here is a quick upate on the weekend storm.  The latest data(NAM & RPM) is trending a bit farther south, this means higher snow totals for our area.  The map below is the snowfall forecast that I showed on WISN 12 News at 10pm Friday evening.

The lower totals closer to the lake Michigan shoreline in parts of Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties is due to the late changeover to snow on Saturday.  The change to all snow may hold off until Saturday evening.  Some higher totals than what are shown here may occur in far northern and western areas. For the latest updates stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 News.

Winter Storm Warnings are now in place for our entire viewing area.  For Milwaukee the warning goes into effect at midnight and continues through Sunday.

Winds of 25-45mph will cause significant blowing and drifting snow on Sunday.  Please use extreme caution if traveling!

Look for updates during our newscasts from 5-6am, 7-9am, and at 5, 6-7, and 10pm Saturday!

Jeremy Nelson


21 Responses

  1. Hi Jeremy!

    Being a resident of Pleasant Prairie and one not overly fond of heavy snow storms, I have to say that map looks pretty good to me!
    Really enjoy the WeatherWatch 12 blog! Many thanks for the time & effort from all of you there.


    • Tony,

      This storm will hit with some snow and then lots of wind. Blowing snow may be an issued on Sunday as winds gust to around 40mph. Thanks for reading the blog!


      • I am glad this storm will end up nothing. People were saying this storm would be the signature storm of the year. In fact it was said earlier this week in the blog. I don’t think we will get a big snow storm this winter. At least I certainly hope not.

      • Dan,

        This is likely the signature storm of the pattern, and I’m not sure who said we would not get a big storm this winter. Wisconsin always gets at least one major winter storm a season.

        And this storm is large, and is going to cause huge problems in our area later today, tonight and Sunday.


  2. Jeremy’s #s for the snow fall are a bit higher then 6pm, as the low is trending further south. Most of the others are forecasting 3-6 for our area as well.

    • Bryan,

      I upped most of the snow bands by 2 inches and adjusted them a bit from the 5/6p shows.


      • so you expect this to be the biggest snowfall we get this winter Jeremy? If it is then we are lucky! Usually we get at least one storm that dumps us a ton of snow.

  3. I hope the winds off the lake aren’t strong tomorrow as the changeover to snow takes place. I’m close to General Mitchell and Stella needs some decent sledding white stuff!

    • Dave,

      This may not be the best snow to play in…especially near the lake where it will stay as a mix much longer. When the snow falls it will begin to blow around. Plus by Sunday it will be very cold with wind chills dipping below zero.


      • Wishful thinking, I know, but we’re a hardy bunch! Maybe get in an hour of sledding before lunch tomorrow before it’s too cold.

  4. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! I LOVE the weather blogs!

    I’m a resident of Palmyra. Bring on the snow! An evening of cookie making and hot chocolate drinking sounds great anyways.

    Thank you!


  5. I have links to the Post Storm Survey on my blog. Participation is encouraged.

    Not much happening up here as of late. Snow stopped around 07:30. 0.9″ has accumulated thus far.

  6. Well, Winter Storm Warning issued for all of SE Wisconsin, cancelling the Winter Weather Advisory.

    But, not because of more snow, likely because of the mix and then the ludicrous high winds expected late tonight and tomorrow during the day.

    It’s gonna be one hell of a storm!!!


  7. Well, NWS issued Winter Storm Warning for the entire area, including Milwaukee, cancelling the Winter Weather Advisory.

    Not because of more snow, but likely due to the crazy high winds and low temps expected.

    Gonna be one heck of a storm!!!


  8. Hi, Jeremy!

    This weekend storm has got to be your dream come true! How do you deal with the ever-shifting storm track? As for me I get frustrated!

    I noticed on the snowfall total map on this blog that the line between 3-5 and 5-8 cuts right through the area where I live in Reeseville — as it always does. Are you going to update that map anytime soon? What do you see in store for this part of Dodge County as far as snow totals? If you could pinpoint a total for Sunday 6 a.m., and then by the time the snow exits, I’d be much appreciative as that wil.l help me make some important decisions about what we’ll be doing on Sunday.

    I’ll stay tuned to the blog and the TV!

    Thanks to you and the WW12 team for keeping us updated!

    Don in Reeseville

  9. WISN Weather Team,

    Looking at the current midwest regional map showing a large area currently under a Blizzard Warning (almost all of Iowa, SW Minnesota, E Soith Dakota, etc.) do you anticipate any Blizzard Watches/Warnings for SE Wisconsin tomorrow?

    Thanks, and having fun watching the developments closely!


    • I’ll reply to my own post saying that portions of SW Wisconsin are now or will soon be under Blizzard Warnings.

      Seems a little more possible that we may hit that criteria later today/overnight.

      Sounds like fun. 🙂


      • OK, :), I’ll reply to my reply to say that WE’RE ALL UNDER A BLIZZARD WARNING from 6pm tonight to 6pm tomorrow.

        Yes!!! Everyone’s safety, of course, being top priority, bring on the storm!!!


  10. i just heard we are under a blizzard warning with 10 – 16 inches of snow by tommorrow. did the storm go more south ? i am in northern dodge county.

    • Steve,

      The storm has gone farther south than what I discussed yesterday. The total you mentioned may be a little high. I think I will put you in either a 6 to 9 or 10 inch band.


  11. Checking the interactive radar at 2:00 this afternoon (Sat) it appears that this storm system has already moved quite a bit east. The leading edge of the precip is already into Indiana. From looking at the radar it seems that half of the precip area is already past us.

    Up in northern Dodge where I live we haven’t seen a snowflake or raindrop all day…just dense fog. The radar has shown we have been in a dry pocket all day, rain to the south, snow to the north, nothing here. I’m thinking it will need to really snow hard all night if we are going to get the projected snow totals for our area. I’m thinking right now those predicted totals are going to be lowered by a lot.

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