Blizzard Warnings & Lots of Cold

***Watch WISN 12 News at 5, 6-7, and 10pm for the latest on the Blizzard!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  For everyone who loves winter and big storms, this weekend is for you!  For those that dread snow, wind, and cold you may want to find a good book to read and sit by the fire this weekend.

Blizzard warnings are now in effect for all of southeastern Wisconsin through Sunday. 

As the storm moves in, please post your reports of rain, a mix, or snow in the comments section of the blog.  Also as the snow piles up, please post your snow totals there too!

The low pressure area that we are watching closely as of this writing, was located northwest of Des Moines, Iowa.  On the backside of the low winds are howling and temperatures are near zero!  Ahead of the low, in Milwaukee it was around 40 degrees with rain during the mid-afternoon Saturday.  Just click on the map to enlarge. 

The low will move east and push into extreme northern Illinois  tonight.  As the low nears any mix or rain will quickly change to snow.  Most of that changeover should occur by Saturday evening, between 9pm and Midnight in Milwaukee.

With the low just to our south snow will continue Saturday Night and into Sunday.  It won’t be heavy snow the entire time, but there will be periods of heavy snow especially in Dodge, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and Washington counties!  As the low moves east it will strengthen, and that will translate into very strong winds Saturday Night and Sunday!

Here are the impacts of the storm for our area in a timeline.

  • Rain/Mix changes to all snow from west to east Saturday afternoon and evening
  • Periods of snow Saturday evening through Sunday midday
  • Winds Saturday Night:  NE-N 15-30 mph
  • Winds Sunday:  N  20-45 mph
  • Visibilites under a quarter mile in open areas
  • Temperatures fall into the teens Sunday afternoon
  • Wind chills -10 to -25
  • Snowfall  West/North: 7″-10″  including cities of West Bend, Sheboygan & Jefferson
  • Snowfall East: 4″-7″ including cities of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, & Waukesha

Here the snowfall forecast that was used on the 5 & 6pm WISN 12 newscasts on Saturday.

Stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 all day and night for cut-ins and complete updates in our newscasts.  We will also post updates to Facebook and Twitter!

Jeremy Nelson


18 Responses

  1. So glad about the timing of this thing. As bad as it is going to be at least it is during the biggest downtime of the week (unless you are the Saturday night bar/party type).

    This is an interesting storm in the sense that there is so much precip to still be dropped after the low goes by. Many systems start wrapping up by then with only small amounts of precip on the backside.

  2. The NWS is saying over 10 inches in Sheboygan. Do you think this is possible?

  3. The precipitation has reached Oshkosh and it is in the form of snow.

  4. Rain started in Reeseville — mid Dodge County — about 2:30 and still raining at 4:30 p.m. — the time of this writing. Temp has been hovering right around 32 for most of the day.

  5. It’s still raining in Waukesha.

    I’m glad that this storm is becoming more and more severe.

    • That’s a stupid thing to say. Why would you say something like that?

  6. I live in Kenosha and so far we really haven’t gotten any snow this winter. Do you expect this storm to be our biggest storm in kenosha? Sorry I forgot to say where I lived.

    • This will be the biggest so far in Kenosha county. You are in the 4 to 7 inch band. I think most of your snow is after 3am. You will get into some lake enhanced snows early Sunday.


      • will the lake effect snow increase the 4 to 7 total?

      • Any lake enhancement or effect is included in the 4-7″ range.


  7. Rain has clicked over to a mix now in East Troy. Hoping to see a lot of the white stuff on the ground in the A.M!

  8. Jeremy,

    It’s a blizzard.

    #wxreport 2.6″ since 16:21. Snowdepth at 6″. Storm total thus far 3.5″ More info #wiwx

  9. NWS has now dropped the Blizzard Warning for Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha Counties; now only expecting “near” blizzard conditions.

  10. wow, Jeremy kenosha isn’t going to get anything! perhaps this could be our last storm for the season?! Kenosha usually misses the brunt of the big snows…what a relief!

  11. What an amazing storm. That awesome lake to your east is your snowfall demise today. It went from an average winter day to complete mayhem in a matter of minutes this evening up here. What’s this thing gonna be like when it returns in late January? Oh brother.

    • Josh you can have all the snow your want up in oshkosh!

      • Dan, we’re gonna get the snow no matter if we like it or not. 😉 Keno will get some snow, right? Maybe some late LES once those cold winds come barreling down the lake at you. I bet there will be some massive waves…

    • Josh… was feeling reminiscent of this blog post… and loved your comment “What’s this thing gonna be like when it returns in late January? Oh brother.”

      SO RELEVANT! 😀 LRC is craazy!

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