Blast of Wind & Cold

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The storm has moved out, but not before leaving a wide range of totals. The warmer waters of Lake Michigan did a number on the forecast for Milwaukee/Waukesha south. The rain did not change over to snow until 2:00 am in Milwaukee. By that time, .90″ of an inch of rain had fallen. If that would have been snow, we would be digging out like they are in our northern counties. Here is a quick snapshot of the totals. Beaver Dam and Waldo were the winners at 11″. The lowest totals were .5″ in Racine and Kenosha.

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog! Weather conditions will be down right blustery across the area today! Snow showers, strong winds, blowing snow, and crashing temperatures will highlight the weather on Sunday.

Below is a surface map showing the bitter cold that is diving southeast into our area. This map was from 6am Sunday as the cold was just beginning to pour into southeast Wisconsin. At this time it was 30 degrees in Milwaukee, teens in central Wisconsin, and a frigid -24 in International Falls! Along with the cold winds were gusting to 50mph!

Racine had a wind gust of 51mph just after 6am Sunday!

The strong winds will continue to cause blowing and drifting snow across the area all day Sunday. The blowing snow and strong winds are why Blizzard Warnings continue for our western and northern counties through much of Sunday.

One of the areas hardest hit by snow was around Hartford, where 9.5″ of snow piled up. The picture below is from Jake Stehli…thanks Jake! If you have pictures or snow totals please send them along! You can post totals to the comments section of the blog, and send pictures to, and

Here are a list of snow totals around the region supplied by bloggers, viewers and the NWS.

  • Hartford  9.5″
  • West Bend 8.0″
  • Random Lake  8.0″
  • Lomira 7.0″
  • Sheboygan 7.0″
  • Oconomowoc 2.0″
  • Elm Grove 0.5″
  • Milwaukee Rain 0.88″ Snow 0.25″

Have a great day and stay warm!

Jeremy Nelson


37 Responses

  1. Up here in northern Dodge County near Lomira we have a total whiteout this morning. I live on Hwy 175 just north of Lomira and can’t even see the neighbor’s house across the road. In spite of that, there still is some vehicle traffic this morning…glad I don’t need to go anywhere.

    Right now it’s hard to say how much snow we have on the ground because it’s blowing around so much. Later when the wind dies down I will try to find a spot to get an accurate measurement. I’d say from the looks of it, we had about 7 inches.

    • We’ll your total to the list Cliff…thanks!


  2. At 6:30 a.m. there was a bare skim coat of snow on the ground, but the wind is certainly picking up! Light snow seems to be falling – either that, or what we have is blowing around. Looking forward to coming home from church and staying warm and cozy indoors.

    • Diane,

      Not much snow in the city…but lots of wind and cold. That wind is brutal!


  3. Just like Diane said, we only got a coating in Muskego. Dissapointed that we ended up with less snow than what was on the ground 2 days ago. When will Milwaukee ever get a real snowstorm of 12 inches, when it’s all snow and no lake Michigan rain? Lake Michigan is starting to bug me! I think I’ll have to move to Washington county. They seem to be the target of snowstorms lately. :/

    • Hang in there, Bryan. The lake won the battle this time. There will be more battles to come.

  4. Wow! Jipped again! In Elm Grove, there’s barely a 1/2″ of snow on the ground, and only light snow falling.

    I want to go back to Atmospheric Science education to find out how and why this happens? How can it go from 3-6″, and at times 6-13″ for Waukesha County, and now, we got less than an inch.

    What a bummer! Why is Waukesha County still under a Blizzard Warning till 6pm tonight? Can I make a prediction that that will be cancelled before 6pm?



    • Michael,

      Certainly a let down for snow lovers. Simple answer is the delayed changeover to snow. Milwaukee had nearly 0.90″ of rain, and very little snow. If the precipitation turns over sooner, Milwaukee easily picks up 2 to 4 inches of snow. At least our forecast never went close to 13″ in your area:)


  5. Hi Jeremy,

    Here in Oostburg near the lake we received 6 inches of show.


    • Thanks for the total Sue!


  6. Once again you failed to get it right. Your lousy forcasting costs my plowing buisness money getting things ready to plow all the snow we never got. Why dont you take all of your future forcasting technology andtoss it!

    • Bob,

      I hear your frustrations. Our forecast called for the lowest totals of any, but for some areas it was not low enough. You said ‘once again’, what other forecast this winter has been missed? Overall I will stand by our forecasts and weather team anyday and hope you do the same. There will be more snow this winter, hang in there.


    • Nobody got this forecast right. If anybody deserves some criticism for this though it would be the NWS more than anybody else. They were forecasting 6-13 inches around here in New Berlin and as of now I can still see the top half of all the grass blades still. All of the forecasting models never got a decent handle on this storm even up to the last minute.

      I’m guessing even though you’re not happy with Jeremy’s forecast, you must be even less trusting of the other guys since you keep coming back to get your forecasts from WISN12 even though they seem to keep getting it wrong in your words.

      • Daniel,

        We take a lot of pride in our forecasting and it does not feel good when we are wrong. We work very hard to do all of our own forecasting. One thing you will never see with Weather Watch 12 is the weather service forecast on our air.

    • If you watch the news to figure out how to run you business you proby got what you deserved. Did you yell at the national wether service too?

  7. On the far northwest side of Milwaukee it is now snowing with about .75 mile visibility. We’ve picked up another half inch for a storm total of 1.5 inches.

    I really don’t blame Channel 12 for the “blown” forecast. They revised the snowfall totals for Milwaukee significantly downward when it became apparent that it would take longer for the rain to change to snow.

    I do, however, fault the National Weather Service for issuing a Blizzard Warning for Milwaukee. This was a difficult storm to forecast. As is so often the case, the lake influenced the change over to snow. There were lots of questions. Yet NWS pulled the trigger and issued the warning.

    With Blizzard Warnings, The NWS should err on the side of caution. A blizzard isn’t just snow and wind. It is a very specific condition: .25 mile visibility or less, 35 m.p.h. sustained winds or with frequent gusts above that threshold, for 3 hours or more. It is very difficult to get these conditions in an urban area or even in rural areas with lots of trees and hills. People in western Minnesota and the Dakotas know blizzards, people in Southeast Wisconsin not so much.

    NWS got burned the last time it issued a Blizzard Warning for Milwaukee County: February 24-25, 2007. Then, as now, the lake wreaked havoc with rain versus snow.

    This is too bad. Everyone will rant and rave about the forecasters being wrong “again”, when in reality, the vast, vast majority of forecasts are amazingly accurate.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Here in Sheboygan, it does look like a blizzard with 4-5 inches of snow and it’s blowing around like crazy, but the last time we had a blizzard warning was last year around the same time. The NWS forecasted up to 16 inches of snow. Schools and businesses cancelled the day before. It was crazy anticipation for a major storm. Then when I woke up, we had 2 inches of slush, due to Lake Michigan. We ended up getting a few inches of snow later that day, but nothing like what the NWS predicted.

  8. Jeremy, the 7″ I reported earlier for the Lomira area was just a “guesstimate” at that point. It’s been snowing steady since then and when it calms down some I’ll be able to get outside to get a more accurate measure. It could well be a 9″ or so snowfall, have to find a secluded spot outside to measure. Please hold off on our total until later. People of Lomira will be upset if I under-reported ha ha.

    • OK…just post your updated total later. Measuring in these winds means a good guesstimate will work.


  9. Hi, with the cycle being set can you provide a time period when the next potential snowstorm will be in the area or is it too difficult at this moment. Just wondering. Hopefully i don’t need to see another stom like this (almost all rain in north-central racine county) until spring!

    • Kevin,

      I will be looking at the pattern this week and hopefully on Wednesday making a forecast for the rest of the month. I would keep an eye out for the repeat of this feature around January 28;)


    • Kevin,

      If you follow the LRC, look for this to return in about 44 days.


  10. KMCI recorded 2 inches of snow from this. Imagine our surprise. 😉 Baffled how MCI got more snow than MKE.

    • I clearly would not have forecasted that.


  11. This is interesting…we really didn’t get any accumulating snow not even an inch. Just strong winds.

  12. Jeremy, the track of this system versus the Oct 26 system is taking a much more southern track. Is the reason for this the position of the jet stream this time of year versus Oct? This version seems more tightly wrapped too.

    I have friends in Ann Arbor, MI and they are getting some good snow today. They plow in the winter and are very excited, obviously. What has the pressure been with this one? How low did it get?

    I see blue skies on the western horizon. 9.5″ is my storm total. I believe the WISN forecast verified for your most northern counties. It’s too bad the lake put the voodoo on the shoreline counties.

  13. Ok Jeremy, the closest estimate for Lomira is a little over 9″.

  14. A little over 9″ here in Lomira.

  15. Jeremy, ignore the critics you guys have the best meteorologists, technology and an understanding of things then all the other guys and gals at the NWS hands down. I remember last night at 5 reading that they were forecasting 12 inches of snow for Occonomowoc I looked outside pouring rain and 38 degrees, hmm yeah I knew that wouldn’t happen lo and behold they get 3 inches. Even this morning NWS said West Allis would get 3-5 inches of snow today, look outside and I can see grass, they always seem to overestimate,

    • Bryan, for what it’s worth, the NWS GRB said 10″ for Oshkosh. They were right on as well. I believe the lake made a mockery of all forecasts for counties along the lake, south of Sheboygan. That’s mother nature for you. Always throwing curve balls.

  16. I live in Elkhorn and you reported that Walworth County was in the 1-2 inch total snowfall area. The rain changed to snow about 8pm last night and the snow continued to fall hard until mid afternoon on Sunday. I drove from Elkhorn to the Big Bend exit this morning about 10am and we had blizzard conditions and very poor visibility until I got north of East Troy and then I noticed the snow totals were much less and the snow was coming down much more lightly. I would estimate that Elkhorn got more like 5 inches of snow.

    • Thanks, Bobbie. Most spots in Walworth received less than 3″.


  17. we got close to 10″ in juneau, dodge county

    • Thanks, Steve.

  18. Ahh..what a storm. Now – to look forward to what is on tap.


  19. Hi, WW12 Team!

    Here in Reeseville, Dodge County, we got 11″ of snow in areas that were sheltered from the winds. In areas that were not sheltered, we had 16″ to 24″ drifts.

    Don’t be discouraged by any critics! The WW12 team is the best there is. This is the second storm in a row when your forecast for snowfall total in our area was spot on!

    I’ll be eagerly watching for your LRC forecast for the rest of winter.

    Don in Reeseville

    • Thank you, Don.


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