Next Chance of Snow

It was a bitterly cold Tuesday morning with most of the lows across the state below zero. Nekoosa, just south of Wisconsin Rapids in central Wisconsin, was the big winner at 30 below zero. That was the actual temperature, not the wind chill. Take a look at the lows around SE Wisconsin.

Click on the image to enlarge. If you were away from the lake, you dropped below zero. The same thing will happen again tonight. Lows will be in the single digits near the lake. Inland temps will drop below zero again tonight.

After another cold morning on Wednesday, clouds will start to stream in and snow is back in the forecast. This will not be a big storm, but the snow may make the Thursday morning commute slippery. The computer models, as is typical, are not in agreement. The NAM does not give us any snow, the GFS and RPM bring us an inch or two. Take a look at the accumulated rain/snow. I’ll start with the NAM.

Now on to the GFS.

Finally, the RPM.

I expect us to get between one and two inches by Thursday noon. The dry air that we have in place right now will likely hold the snowfall back until after midnight on Wednesday night, but I do expect fresh snow cover by the Thursday morning commute. Not a big storm, but a nuisance.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to Jeremy’s forecast for the rest of the month in tomorrow’s blog. Now that we are confident that we know the duration of the LRC, forecasting future events is going to be fun. Please stay tuned.



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