Winter Weather Advisory For Monday Night…Round 2 Christmas Eve

Busy times in the weather center. You want a nice quiet week of weather for Christmas travel, but it does not look like that is going to happen. It was a beautiful Sunday with highs in the middle 20s and plenty of sunshine. Nice winter day. People are already enjoying ice fishing on Big Cedar Lake in Washington county.

This was sent to Weather Watch 12 from Dan who was way too leery to take his truck out on the ice. Please make sure there is at least 10 inches of ice before driving on the ice. Area lakes may still be shallow in many areas, especially ones that were covered with snow. The snow acts like an insulating blanket and the ice may be thin in some spots.

Now, on to the advisory and round one of snowfall. The entire viewing area is affected.

 The snowfall will arrive Monday evening and last throughout the night. A general two to four inches is expected. A few spots in our western counties may touch 5″. There may be a little bit of freezing drizzle on Tuesday morning after the snow stops. Tuesday morning’s commute will be a tough one. Here is the RPM computer model output for snow in our area.

Not a huge storm, but certainly enough for tough travel early Tuesday. Wednesday will bring a nice quiet day good for travel. Most of Thursday will be dry, but late in the day another round of snow could move in. We are on the northern edge of this storm, but snow is still likely. If the track of the low moves farther north, we could be dealing with a lot of snow. Stay tuned. Here is the latest GFS forecast(This model has not performed too well this winter.) from the midday run. 


There is a fair amount of moisture to work with for this low pressure center. Way too early to apply any totals, but please watch closely and be aware that travel from Milwaukee south on Friday may be very difficult.

The Canadian model is similar to the GFS Friday morning, but the European has the low a little farther south. Take a look.

I will be watching closely. Thanks for reading.



10 Responses

  1. Allow for this storm to slip north. The GFS has been putting the flow too far south mid range in the last few weeks.

    • I hear you on GFS, however, I have liked success of Euro lately. That’s still pretty far south.


  2. Mark,

    I have family driving in from Indianapolis on Christmas day to the Milwaukee area. How will that storm affect their commute? They said that they won’t come here if there’s bad weather. I love snow, but I don’t want it to ruin our Christmas. What do you think?

    • Bryan,

      At this point, I think most of that storm will be past us to the east and east of Indy. Merry Christmas.


  3. I think this storm is going to miss us way to the south. New gfs model came out and shows it going even more south then their previous runs. I hope it eventually trends more north, but i dont know about this one. So far it seems like all the storms have gone to our north,and now we’re gonna get one that goes too far south. I really want snow here in Milwaukee and it hasn’t been good so far.

    • Probably best that the storm later this week doesn’t directly hit us anyways because of all the travel people will be doing.

      What’s interesting though is the heaviest snows within each storm this whole month have missed us to either the north or south (or missed us completely like late last week), yet we are still in line to achieve the average monthly snowfall total for December or even surpass it with a good enough snow at the end of the month.

    • I feel the same way, I wish we would get some big snows here in the Milwaukee area and south…I’m beginning to lose some hope for this winter with all these storms moving either north or way south of us. If we aren’t gonna get the big snows, I say lets just move forward to spring!!

      • Exactly!! I look forward to winter because of the snow. If there’s cold and no snow, whats the point?

      • There is plenty of time left, Dave. Hang in there.


    • Justin,

      Check out today’s blog. I address the track for Friday’s storm.


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