Snow Moving In…Questions for round 2

Winter weather advisory now in effect for all of SE Wisconsin. Not a big storm, but a nuisance. Heaviest snow from this will fall from 7pm to 11pm. After that snow will taper to very light snow and a little freezing drizzle. Here are the expected amounts.

Lighter amounts are expected near the lake because dry air is working against the snow and the storm itself is weakening as it moves east. Heaviest snow bands are in western Wisconsin right now.

The heaviest snow band will bring visibilities down to 1/2 mile and roads will get slippery. We will have to watch out for slippery spots with freezing drizzle in the morning. The good thing is that temperatures will remain in the upper 20s so salt will work well on the roads.

Quieter weather for Wednesday and Thursday. Good time to travel to grandma’s house for Christmas.

Thursday night and Friday will bring another chance for snow. The question right now, is what path will the strong low pressure center take. Big changes occurred from yesterday. The Canadian and European models sent the low way south. The GFS still skirts us with some snow. Take a look at the three models. Let’s start with European for noon Friday:

Here is the Canadian for noon Friday:

Finally, the GFS for early Friday. The GFS brings the storm through faster. More on the timing in a minute.

The timing of the next low will be critical. If the storm holds back until Christmas Eve, cold air will be allowed to push in from Canada steering the low far enough south that we would have little to no snow. If the storm moves out of the Rockies earlier Thursday, the track would be farther north and accumulating snow would be likely. Stay tuned.



4 Responses

  1. will we be getting snow new years week. going out of town from 12-28-10 to 1-2-11. need to know what the weather will be like?

    • Dave,

      I believe the 28-30th will be ok, but a larger storm is possible on the 31st and 1st. I hope this helps.


  2. Mark,

    What is your hunch on this one?

    I am doing some driving from Milwaukee to Madison Friday AM.


    • Jim,

      It’s looking more and more likely it will stay south. Happy Holidays.


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