Final Days of 2010

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  With two days remaining in the month and no chances of snow until after the clock strikes midnight on the 31st it is safe to say this month will end with below average snowfall in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee’s total of 8.3″ will end up 3.4″ below average.  And if you would like to enjoy or get a last look at the snow before it quickly melts away, you may want to do so on Thursday.  Highs in the 40s and drizzle/rain showers are expected thru Friday.

This coming storm will not be wet for everyone, as heavy snow is likely in parts of the upper Midwest, northern Plains and throughout the Rockies.

Below is an advisory map for the entire U.S.  This map was from around 8pm on Wednesday.  The dominate color is pink, which represents Winter Storm Warnings.  The only advisory over southeast Wisconsin was an Air Quality Watch, with Dense Fog Advisories in southwest Wisconsin and over much of Iowa and Minnesota. 

Just a quick glance at this map gives a good indication of the path the storm will take.  With the wintry weather staying just west or northwest of the low track, and mainly all liquid precipitation in the ‘warm sector’ of the storm.

In southeastern Wisconsin we will stay anywhere from the upper 30s to the upper 40s from Thursday morning through Friday evening.  During this time drizzle and rain showers will be possible.  It won’t rain the entire time, and when it does it should be fairly light.

As the main low moves north a cold front will race toward our area.  As the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year, I expect cold air to begin sweeping across the area.

Below is the forecast surface map from the HPC for Friday at 6pm.  Notice the cold front nearing our area.  Behind the front temperatures will quickly fall into the 20s.

If you are wondering about how much rain will fall over the next 2 days here is a rough estimate from 1 computer model.  This is from the 18Z GFS.  This paints about 0.10″ to 0.50″ in our area.  Just click to enlarge.

With the expected rainfall amounts and a snow pack that is not very deep in most areas, I don’t expect many flooding issues to arise.  We’ll watch closely as if the low would track a little different a few thunderstorms may try to sneak in here and of course that could boost rainfall totals.

Overall this storm will be a big precipitation maker for some, but again it looks like we miss out on the higher rain and snow totals.

We will continue to track the system as it will impact our area and certainly bring a big change by New Year’s Day.  Snow lovers don’t lose hope yet…I see a couple of good snow chances ahead in January.

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!  I’ll post some pictures from the Rose Bowl in the coming days! 

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. Is this an unusual track for winter storm? It looks like it’s going to go so far west and north of us that we’re not even going to get much rain.

    • Dave,
      Not unheard of, but unusual. 50s for Friday.


  2. When in January do you expect SE WI to get a good measurable amount of snow? Because this December was pretty cruddy around Walworth Co. I’m a snow lover so seeing all this snow melt is KILLING ME! When I say measurable, I mean like 6+ inches of good snow!

    • Stacey,
      Walworth has had more than the metro area, but hang in there. No big storms for awhile. You may have to wait until last week of January for that.


  3. I for one love how the storm tracks have gone this winter. The less of the white death the better! I am sure we will see at least 20 inches in the month of January though.

    • Bryan,

      I think January will be our snowiest month. We will start out with bare ground, but won’t end that way.


  4. GFS model 1200z run has things pretty quite around here after this storm clears on Friday night, then quiet until right around January 12th with the chance for some snow from a storm that clears Colorado, temps look to stay below freezing at this point about 300 hours out lol.

    • Bryan,

      Anything on GFS after 120 hours is really pushing it. It does not perform well after that. Don’t look at that to forecast…it will only cause you trouble.


      • I prefer models that help me forecast 720 hrs and out. LOL…know anything that would help with that? Ha.

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