Fog & Fifties!

It’s good to be back in Wisconsin. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I had a chance to spend Christmas with my wife’s family in Minneapolis and we truly had a white Christmas. Minneapolis has received almost 50 inches of snow this season. Take a look at the snow cover on Christmas day.

27″ of snow. This was not a drift. My kids loved the snow, but my in-laws are already tired of winter. What a contrast to drive the 250 miles and see the huge differences from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. After today’s warm weather, there is little to no snow left in our area and it will almost all be gone after Friday’s temperatures reach the fifties.

So why so warm? The storm track is well to our west and north right now, allowing warm air from the Gulf of Mexico to cruise all the way into Wisconsin. Even a thunderstorm or two is possible on Friday. I hate to say it, but I can’t rule out severe weather on the last day of the year. Take a look at the RPM computer model for 9am on Friday.

Check out the strong thunderstorm just to our south across Chicago. We have a very strong jet stream that will be above our heads, great wind shear, and dew points approaching 50 degrees. Weird stuff for the last day of the year. The record high is 59 for Friday, set back in 1875. We may get close to that.

With all the melting snow and high dewpoints, a dense fog advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service until 6pm Friday. The visibilities have improved this evening with the warming temperatures. I have a feeling the advisory will be dropped early due to the lack of thick fog. The wind will pick up during the day tomorrow and temps will be quite warm. If the winds diminish, the fog may start to reform. Stay tuned.

All the snow will stay west again, this time in the Dakotas and western Minnesota. Here is a look at the snow forecast from the RPM model for tonight and Friday.

The green shades represent over a foot of snow. Sorry, snow lovers, we missed again.



12 Responses

  1. This has been an interesting trend for the fourth year now where the first part of the month is cold and notably below average and then we get the warmest temps of the month around or after Christmas.

    2009 – Christmas was the warmest day of the month from December 3rd onward.
    2008 – 27th was the warmest.
    2007 – 23rd was the warmest.

    • Very interesting. Thanks, Daniel.


  2. Mark —

    Almost all of that 11+” inches of snow up here in Dodge County has all but melted!

    While we missed snow out of this storm, remember that if the LRC forecast is correct, we’ll more than make up for it at the end of January when the “signature storm” is set to make a repeat appearance!

    Happy New Year!

    Don in Reeseville

    • Thanks, Don. Fog is a snow eater. As for LRC, that storm will be back, but we will have to see if it’s a rain or snow maker for us.


  3. There’s no guarantee that the “signature storm” in late January will be snow instead of rain again.

    • Exactly right, Patrick.


  4. Sun is out here downtown. Temps might get close to 60 hopefully we don’t have a repeat of the January tornado from a couple years back.

    • Bryan,

      Thankfully severe stayed to our south. Terrible tornado outbreak today. At least 5 fatalities so far.


  5. It is great to be able to see the grass and the driveway again. I am really glad the snowcover up in northern Dodge is just about gone except for the big piles and drifts. We didn’t get any rain here, just some light mist, but it sure has been foggy.

    • Thanks, Cliff.

      I’m sure we’ll cover up that grass again soon, just not too soon. Looks quiet for awhile.


  6. Friday, December 31, 2010 2:05 pm

    Hi Weather Watch 12 blog!

    Checked in earlier today to see what’s up. Was met with a site survey. Happy to report it provided me the opportunity to put in a good word for you!
    Yes, of course you’re welcome. You’ve earned it! No reply necessary.

    Happy New Year!!
    Tony (from Pleasant Prairie)

    • Thank you, Tony.

      Happy New Year!!!


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