From Fifties to Frigid

Welcome to spring. Today’s temps made it into the low 50s across much of SE Wisconsin. Amazing end to an incredible month of weather. We did not make it to the record high of 59 set back in 1875, but it was still quite a thaw. Little if any snow is left around the area. Thankfully, we missed out on the severe weather and tornado outbreak across Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. At least 5 people have been killed by the 20 tornadoes being reported so far today.

Note all the red circles around St. Louis. That represents tornado reports. I called my parents and sister and was happy to hear that they are all fine. This is one of the worst outbreaks in St. Louis in at least 20 years and is likely the worst New Year’s Eve outbreak of tornadoes in U.S. history. The closest tornado reports to our area are from just outside Springfield, Illinois. There were also severe thunderstorms south of Chicago in Kankakee.

On the other of the storm, a blizzard. This is a very dynamic and strong spring-like storm. We are on the warm side of the storm because the low pressure center is staying to our west. Counter-clockwise flow around the low is bringing us warm southerly winds. That will continue until after midnight tonight. After midnight, be prepared for strong SW winds as the cold front moves through. This will bring a drastic change to our temperatures tomorrow. Here is the latest radar and surface temperature maps.

Note how the Milwaukee temperature has dropped to 46 degrees due to a SE wind. Earlier in the day, the south wind warmed us into the 50s.

We were very fortunate in our area. We missed the snow and the severe weather.

If you have plans tonight, expect drizzle and fog through about 10pm. Temps will be near 50. The cooler air will being to move in around midnight with a temperature of 40. By 2am, we’ll be close to freezing.

Have a safe and Happy New Year from Weather Watch 12.



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