40 Degree Temperature Drop

Happy New Year from Weather Watch 12. After yesterday’s taste of spring, today was tough to take. Yesterday’s high was 54 degrees. The low was 46. The low temperature was actually a record high minimum temperature. Today’s high was officially 45 degrees, but that came at midnight. Temperatures tumbled throughout the day. What made it even tougher to take was the strong southwesterly winds gusting to 40 miles per hour.

Wind chills were near zero most of the day. I can’t imagine being one of the hundreds of people who took the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan this afternoon. The temperature at noon was 19 and the wind chill was 1. The lake temperature is 36 degrees.

As for our forecast this week, it is looking pretty quiet. A series of short-waves will rotate through. The first one arriving late in the day on Monday. Flurries or very light snow is possible. Here is how it looks on our high-resolution RPM model for 9pm Monday evening.

The very light snow/flurries will last through Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Another short wave will arrive on Wednesday night and Thursday. That could bring us another round of light snow. Temperatures all week will be chilly. We will be lucky to get to 30 all week. Most of January is looking chilly.

Forgive the short post, I’m still upset about the Badger loss.



8 Responses

  1. Sorry about the Badgers. We had a similar drop to your south from 68 to 18. Happy New Years!

    • The temperature drops in KC are usually more extreme than ours in EC, SE WI. I felt a temp of 48 at 9pm on NYE and it was down right balmy. I couldn’t imagine a 68 degree temp dropping to 18. What a change!

    • You cool down fast, but also warm up quickly in KC. Happy New Year.


  2. Yes, a disappointing loss indeed. Happy new year to you and the entire WW12 team! Hopefully 2011 brings good things weatherwise and to everyone. Maybe even hd news and a new set? 😉

    Glad to see there are two chances of light snow this week. Whats the point of having cold weather without snow? I don’t want to see grass in January!

    • I agree with your statement about not wanting to see grass in January. We’ve got patches of it around now from where it was slightly removed or walked on.

    • Amen Bryan!! I can’t stand seeing grass in January because it makes you think spring is right around the corner and we know that’s not coming anytime soon…been a disappointing winter so far that’s for sure. I just don’t see us getting any major snowstorms here in the south part of the county with the track of all the major storms being to our west all winter.

      One question for the guys…when I get on here sometimes it won’t let me enter my name and as a result won’t let me post. Anyone know why that happens?

      • Dave,

        I’m not sure why that would happen. Anyone else out there have this occur?


    • Bryan,

      Don’t count on a whole lot of snow. Figuring out timing is pretty difficult.


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