Two chances for light snow this week

January feels like January this week. Certainly no more 50 degree temperatures in the forecast. We will be chilly for some time to come. Overall, a quiet weather pattern on the way. There are a few chances for light snow this week, but no major storms on the way.

Our first chance of flurries/light snow arrives late on Monday. There is a “wimpy” low pressure center over the Dakotas right now that will swing through Monday night. Here is the RPM computer model for midnight.

The light blue represents very light snow or flurries. Most areas will only get a dusting at best. Our northern counties may get enough to make the ground white, but that is about it.

The next chance arrives on Thursday. This brings a better chance of accumulating snow, but it is not an impressive storm. The European model does not even bring us any snow with this short wave. The GFS is more bullish for snow. Here is the GFS for 6pm Thursday.

The path and timing of this is still in question, but an inch or two would be possible if the low scoots just to our south. Here is the RPM for noon Thursday.

Note again how light the snowfall is expected to be.

I am quite confident that after the wave moves through on Thursday, the cold air will rush in. Highs on Friday-Sunday will likely be in the teens.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.



8 Responses

  1. When do you think is the next chance for a big snowfall? Like 5+”?

    • Chris, Maybe not until last week of January. Still watching a potential storm middle of next week.


  2. Near the end of the second week…wow, it could really get cold…

    • We may actually get below zero if there is snow on the ground.


      • I am thinking you may get below zero even without snow on the ground…even with lake effect. We will see, as I still have a bit to learn about the lake effect micro climate…


      • Scott, almost impossible for us in Milwaukee to go below zero with any kind of breeze from the lake. Nonetheless, it will be cold. We have not been below zero for two years here. That is very unusual.


  3. While I really like the absence of any snow on the ground, not liking the cold temps too much. Any chance of a moderation in temperatures coming our way? You can keep the snow out of the forecast, am enjoying looking at the lawn again.

    • Cliff, you know better than that. It’s January and we are going to be in a pretty chilly pattern for much of the month. Sorry.


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