Flurries/Light Snow Moving In

A “wimpy” low pressure center is moving in. It is bringing flurries and very light snow to western Wisconsin and gradually moving our way. Take a look at the radar from 7pm.

The white shades represent flurries. The moderate snow is the blue shades near La Crosse. Most of our area will only have flurries and very light snow showers. The northern counties of Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge counties may get a quick band of the moderate snow. This could bring a little bit of accumulation. When I say a little bit, this is what I mean:

The light snow may be just heavy enough to coat the ground and roads so a few slippery spots are possible. This is definitely not a big storm. Another round of light snow and flurries will arrive Wednesday afternoon with a similar clipper system. There is very little moisture to work with so I am not expecting much if any accumulation. After Wednesday’s weak system, cold air will come pouring in from Canada. I think this will swing the storm track far enough to our west and south so that the next round of snow will miss us.

The start of 2011 has been a pretty quiet one. 2010 had quite a few memorable moments. I want to take a quick look back at some of the highlights.

2010 was a warm year. Our average temperature was 50.3 degrees. This is 2.8 degrees above average. That is a substantial amount above average. 10 of 12 months had above average temperatures. We had a very mild spring.

Precipitation ended the year at 35.98 inches. This was 1.17 inches above average. This is a little deceptive because a huge amount of the precipitation came on one day, July 22nd. That was the day of the floods that we all remember.

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9 Responses

  1. This is an interesting part of the NWS’s write up that they did this afternoon.


    The storms sure are loving the southern Minnesota, Iowa, and NW Illinois track this winter.

    • Daniel,

      Middle of next week bears watching. Late week brings serious cold.

      So far, storm tracks have been close, but no cigar.


  2. Close but no cigar…lol…trade you 2.9 inches of snow so far for us down south? Next two weeks I am thinking of roller skating limbo…”How low will [it] go?”

    • GFS not pulling down coldest air here yet, but I think we have already seen numerous times this winter the cold air making it all the way to the Gulf.

  3. This ‘wimpy low pressure’ is almost identical to it’s predecessor from Nov 17 ish. Well, on radar at least. A backyard snowfall forecast using the LRC is located here… yep, I went out on a limb and did this. I figured ‘why not’ join in the fun. The LRC and WeatherWatch 12 may be my top muses of 2010 and for that I say, thanks!

  4. so when can we exspect a huge snow storm to put snow back on the ground….

    • Dave,

      That may not happen until late in January. Until then, just smaller events look likely.


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