Light Snow & Cold Days Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Another round of light snow swept across southeastern Wisconsin on Wednesday.  Like so many other snows this winter, it amounted to very little in Milwaukee.  Here is a list of snow totals through 9pm.  If you have a total to share, just post it to the comments section.

  • Greenfield  0.75″
  • Sullivan  0.7″
  • West Allis  0.7″
  • WISN 12  0.7″
  • Hartford  0.5″
  • Ripon  0.5″
  • Milwaukee – Mitchell  0.4″
  • Brown Deer  0.4″
  • Kenosha  0.3″

The ‘dusting’ of snow in Milwaukee upped our season snow total to 9.0″.  This total is 9.3″ below average!  There certainly is a good reason for snow lovers to be upset this winter.  I certainly thought back in November that we would have a higher snow total than this right now, but don’t give up hope, there is a 2-3 week ‘active’ part of the pattern that should come back later this month. 

Along with a more active pattern, colder air will hit the area at times, and if the wind turns northeast for any amount of time some lake effect snow will also be possible.  It’s only early January, and we have nearly 3 full months of winter left!

With the snow headed out, a shot of cold will arrive by Friday.  Right now highs look like they will remain in the teens on Friday.  Below is a temperature forecast for late Friday.  This forecast is from the GFS computer model.  I labeled Milwaukee with an ‘*’ and also labeled the bands of teens with a ’10s’.

Once the cold arrives it looks like highs will stay in the teens to low to mid 20s for an extended period.

Finally, I one more picture to share from my trip to the Rose Bowl.  After the game as soon as I walked out of the stadium someone was walking around selling Wisconsin Rose Bowl Champion shirts for $5.  I couldn’t resist and bought one for laughs.  It made it even better that it just says ‘Badger’. 

For the latest on the snow and cold make sure to watch WISN 12 News!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. when are we going to get a big storm?

  2. Once this arctic air gets a bit more entrenched in the next two weeks, I would expect more snow production – lest the airmass be too shallow and provide more “mixed”. I expect the return of the “bomb” at the end of the month to be further west than last time and a bit further east than October. Perhaps that will help you get that total up. I am also very intrigued with the potential in mid Feb…there are trends that point to that being very active for the Northern Plains and Midwest regions.

    • Doesn’t arctic air getting entrenched push the storm tracks further south though? That seems to be the case for the storm early next week.

      • Daniel,

        Arctic air can push the storm track farther south. This can be good or bad. Keep in mind we’ve had some wetter storms this winter season, but for Milwaukee most of those produced mainly rain. Now if arctic air was in place, not only would we have very likely seen snow, but the main storm track would have shifted farther south too.

        As you noted though, if the arctic air is strong or very deep, it can keep the storms too far south. At this point if you are a snow lover, you want some cold air around because the dominant long term longwave is to our west, so we need a little help getting some of the stronger storms to move farther south.


    • The “big storm” for the end of the month, would have to come through A LOT further east than it did in October for us to get snow here in southeast Wisconsin!! In October it moved up through Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin. At this point, I would just like to see ONE big snowstorm here in Southeast Wisconsin…one is better than NONE. I have come to expect however that it just isn’t in the cards for us this winter…

      • Dave,

        Right now we are in the ‘clipper’ part of the pattern. Things should begin to shift next week and the middle to end of the month I think will be more active. I have a feeling you will get your ‘big’ snow yet this winter.


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