Snow Today, Arctic Blast Later

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog! Another round of snow is upon us, and will continue for the better part of Tuesday.

The snow will be light in most spots, with a few pockets of moderate snow from time to time closer to Lake Michigan. Winter Weather Advisories have been posted for lakeshore counties including Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Snow totals will be greatest near the lake, with totals mainly in the 3 to 4 inch range. Below is a forecast from our in-house computer model which takes the snow forecast down to the tenth of an inch. I think this forecast looks pretty good, and give or take a half inch either way it should be close.

The totals near the lake will be higher due to easterly winds and some lake enhancement. Most of the snow will taper to flurries and end later this evening.  Please keep in mind that any computer model has a hard time picking up where the heavier lake effect/enhanced bands will set up.  So use the map above as a guidance, but also keep in mind a few spots could see totals of 4″-5″ or so if lake bands persist for any amount of time.

Behind our little snow maker it will turn slightly colder.

As our storm moves east it will help to energize a storm moving up the East Coast. These two storms will form into one powerful storm just off the Northeast coast, and another Nor’easter will be the result.

Winter Storm Warnings are already in place for New York City, Hartford, and Boston. Many of these locations could see around a foot of snow! Below is the forecast surface map from the HPC for Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.

We are still watching a big chunk of arctic air that will likely dive into southeast Wisconsin early next week. Until then, we have one snow chance for today, and then another around Friday into this weekend. While none of the snows will be comparable to the snows in the Northeast, they will add up and help to get a snowpack established in our area.

If you have pictures from today’s snow please post them to the U-Local section of And if you have snow totals please pass them along in the comments section of the blog, or on our Facebook page at WeatherWatch 12

Have a great day and enjoy the snow!

Jeremy Nelson


18 Responses

  1. My 24 hour observation period ending at 7:30 this morning yielded 1.7″ of new snow. SWE of 0.17″. We have 4″ of snow depth. Currently as I look out my work window in Neenah, WI it is not snowing.

  2. Wait, I take that back. It is snowing in Neenah. Just need a bit more concentration to see it.

    • Josh,

      Thanks for the report!


  3. Just before 9am there was still no accumulation in New Berlin and then out of nowhere came a huge burst of heavy snow that put down close to an inch within an hour.

    • Daniel,

      With the lake enhancement today there will be quick hitting bands of heavier snow. Where these bands set up and how long they persist will determine the spots that see 4″ or maybe a hair more. Best chance for the higher totals is in the lakeshore counties.


  4. East Waukesha has 2.2″ of snow, and it’s still coming down at a moderate clip. For a couple hours, heavy snow just pounded the area.


  5. I forgot to mention that we have around a 3″ snow depth at the moment.


  6. Can I eat yellow snow?

    • ^ lolwut?

  7. Hi Weather Team,

    I just measured the snow at my house near the lake in Oostburg and I have 3 inches of snow. It is still snowing.


  8. Hi, Jeremy!

    Reeseville — Dodge County — received 2″ of snow from around midnight Monday through 4 p.m. Tuesday — just light flurries for a few hours after that.

    The Mon. night forecast map spotted Beaver Dam right around 2″ and we’re only 12 miles from there, so you can’t get much closer than being right on!!

    As always, keep up the good work!


    • Don and Sue,

      Thanks for the totals and for supporting the blog!


  9. The Lomira area picked up about 2″ of snow over the course of the last day and a half. With the inch or so we already had, we now have a good 3″ or so. Can’t see the bare grass anymore. I guess if we can’t get a big storm to build up snow totals this winter, these small 1-2″ accumulations will have to do.
    Odd things going on this winter with the snowstorm down south and again hitting the east coast. Pretty soon we won’t be living in the “snowbelt” anymore.

    • I don’t consider the snowstorm down south ‘odd’ by any stretch. That type of thing happens almost every winter. (???) I don’t have any data to back that up so… hence the ?’s.

      I was in one last year though…

      • Josh,

        This past storm dumped a lot of snow in areas. But the South is not immune from snow in the winter. Seems like the past few winters at least one storm hit the South. A few years ago there was a decent snow that went through New Orleans.


      • I apologize for my stupid comment. But it is an oddity for a major snowstorm to hit in the deep south, even if once a year, that to me is an oddity.
        I’m sorry if my comment seemed stupid and uneducated. Some people who post here who appear to know everything about weather. I won’t be coming back here to read or post. I don’t like being made to feel dumb.

      • Cliff,

        I know Josh was not taking a shot at your comment or question. He just had first hand experience to a storm last winter in the South. This past storm was pretty strong and a big producer for the South.

        You are welcome here at anytime to read or post.


    • Cliff,

      Get ready, about every 36-48 there is a chance of light snow in the forecast. I think with most of these chances it will be a dusting to 2″. It should add up a bit over time:)


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