Here We Snow Again

Our busy January continues. More snow tonight than last night, but not a big storm by any stretch. Here is what I expect to fall tonight.

Here is the radar from 7:30 pm:

12 of 14 days this January have had at least a trace of snow, but that has only added up to 4.3″ for the month. That is 2.7 inches below average. For the season, Milwaukee has only received 12.6″ of snow. This is 10.2″ behind average. Lots of little snows, but no big snows for Milwaukee so far. There is a chance for heavier snow on Monday. It is too early to tell just how much, but I expect more than the 1″-2″ snows we have seen lately. The GFS kicks up about .50″ of measurable precipitation for Monday. Not a huge storm, but you snow lovers may have something to get a little excited about.

I talked snow, I still want to mention temperatures. That cold pool of air continues to sit over Western Canada.

The white represents -20 degree temperatures. This cold air has been sitting there for a while and I have been burned a few times in the last two weeks thinking we were going to tap this cold air and bring it into Wisconsin. It does look like we will get pieces of this starting on Tuesday. Even colder air is possible on Thursday and Friday. If we get the brunt of the cold our highs could be as low as the single digits and we could get our first below zero readings in Milwaukee since January 17th, 2009. We had no below zero temperatures in 2010. The more snow we get on the ground, the more likely we will go below zero next week.

Have a great weekend.



4 Responses

  1. Fun facts comparing Milwaukee to Kansas City this season so far…

    For January, your 12 days of at least a trace this month matches our total days since December 1st.

    Also, your potential of ~.50 in of liquid depicted for your upcoming event would represent HALF of the total we have received from Dec 1 to date.

    Yet – your seasonal total is only about two inches more than Kansas City at this point as we are at about ten and a half inches.

    It is a season so far for the haves and have nots. Many parts of the Northeast matched your current total in just one storm while others doubled it. Closer to your neck of the woods, Minneapolis is having a great season near 50 inches and even closer to home, Madison is near double your total.

    Neck and neck with you so far is northern Georgia. I suspect you will win in time… 😉

    • No question Milwaukee finishes with more snow this winter than KC. The question is how much this season:)


  2. Hi, WW12 Team!

    Once again, you guys were right on with the snowfall total forecast for our area. You had the 1-2″ line slicing through Dodge County and where I live in Reeseville we had exactly 2″!! Awesome work!

    I look forward to following the blog and the TV weathercasts you put out RE: the next week, especially potential for heavier snow on Monday.

    Don in Reeseville

    • Don,

      Thanks for the total! You may double your total on Monday!

      Look for an update here in the blog later today.


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