Some Early Week Snow, Then Lots of Cold!

Hi again and thanks for stopping by the WeatherWatch 12 Blog.

Just thought I would take some time this Sunday morning to share some info on this week’s weather.

First off, Wow!!!…what a Packer game last night!

I managed to stay awake until the start of the 3rd quarter. Work duties here get me up at 2:00 a.m. and with a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old at home, let’s just say sleep is not exactly a huge commodity right now. But with a 3 touchdown lead as I hit the hay I felt confident on a victory.

Now let’s just keep it rolling into the conference championship round!

This week’s weather will be plenty busy, it is statistically the coldest week of the year, and the coldest air of the season will arrive…how fitting!

As we have been talking about for several days now, another round of “shovelable” snow is on the way for Monday. The initial WeatherWatch 12 forecasts called for 2-4″ of snowfall through the day, and I kept that for the morning newscasts Sunday. Some fine tuning may need to happen. The latest inhouse model runs show a chance for some additional lake effect/enhancement snow Monday evening/night. This may call for an additional 1-2″ along lakeshore areas.

2-4″ is still a good number to go with, we may just have to tweak up a touch as we get a look at some more model runs later Sunday. The timing of the snow will be from about 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with the steadiest snow from noon to 6 p.m. That’s when the bulk of the accumulation should happen. Some additional snow may fall especially lakeside areas into Monday night.

Then our attention turns to the coldest air that we have had to deal with this winter season.

You know, something amazing is that Milwaukee has not dropped below zero since January 17, 2009. Well that could come to an end by Thursday night.

The cold air is close! Just this morning I showed on the air that International Falls was -32 degrees this morning. That is just 8 degrees from when water will spontaneously freeze!

Well a chunk of this air mass will make it into the western Great Lakes by Thursday thanks to a northerly wind flow driven by Arctic high pressure. Highs on Friday will linger in the single digits to near 10 degrees, toss in wind chills to -25, and you can see why we are saying this is going to be the coldest air of the season…so far!!!

Have a great week, and thanks again for reading!



4 Responses

  1. HPC gives a nod to the higher side.

    Enjoy your snow!

  2. Model trends are showing temps above freezing for most of next week, just like Jeremy said would happen before the big storm comes back.

  3. Any thoughts on this statement from the NWS…



    • Daniel,

      With a deeper snow pack in place, and the huge amount of cold to the north I think we will get a really cold day or two across the area. I’m still expecting below zero temps for at least one morning. I stated in the blog a few days ago I didn’t think this would last too long, but would hit with some bite.


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