Another ‘Little’ Snow Friday

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  A quick hitting band of light snow produced some major headaches in our area early Thursday.  Most aread picked up between 1 and just over 2 inches of snow.

The slushy snow made the morning commute a mess.  My normal drive of 25-30 minutes took 1 hour and 15 minutes!  When it comes to snow, it is all about timing!

Here is a look at a few snow totals from our area.

  • Pleasant Prairie  2.5″
  • Reeseville  2.25″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport  2.1″
  • Oostburg  1.0″

As one little snow moves by another will push in for Friday.  The timing for this next round looks like it could arrive for the evening commute on Friday.  Light snow will spread from northwest to southeast across the area on Friday.

Below is the liquid precipitation forecast from the 18Z GFS.  This would translate to around 1″ of snow in Milwaukee maybe 2″ or a little more in our far northern counties.


This ONE forecast would keep the liquid precipitation to a tenth of an inch or less in Milwaukee.

The models for early next week are still differing on the solution for a potential major storm. 

We will continue to update the latest data in the blog and on WISN 12 News.

Finally, don’t forget you can post pictures of the weather, or your pets in the weather to the U-Local section of  Below is Khloie the dog from Sheboygan!  Kloie is ready for the snow and cold in her Packers gear!

Dog Dressed In Packers Gear - Sheboygan

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


10 Responses

  1. So what do you think will happen next week?

    • Robert,

      As I mentioned the models are all over the place. The GFS that just came out is forming a storm, a pretty wet one, and it is trying to inch it north with each model run. Looks like whatever happens will be either Feb 1 or 2.

      Right now I’m not taking a side on early next week outside of keeping a chance of snow in the forecast. Either we get the storm, or some lake effect snow. Next week should also have below average temps.


  2. It looks like Kloie learned how to use photoshop. That aside, I’m hoping for the storm next week!

    • Dave —

      I’m with you — about the storm!

      Don in Reeseville

  3. Jeremy —

    –and anyone else who might want to know — I echo Dave’s post above — I’m hoping for the big storm! But I’ve learned this much from the weather — I can’t translate my hopes into expectations until the storm is almost upon us!

    Jeremy, in your reply to me on yesterday’s blog, you taught me about “phasing.” Would that be an example of what else you have taught me — that LRC can tell us to expect something — in this case re-occurence of the “signature storm” — but exactly where it appears and what it brings is heavily dependant on variables in our area at the time?

    Great job on summarizing the LRC on the Weds. night news!!

    On-going thanks for continuing to tutor me!

    Don in Reeseville

    • I agree Don. Many thanks to Jeremy and Mark for helping us better understand the weather.

      I’m hoping for the big storm too, just so it’s gone by Thursday morning because I’m flying to CA then and don’t want a delay.

  4. This has been a very exciting winter season watching it evolve through the LRC view finders. My continued learning process and second attempt at a backyard snowfall forecast using the LRC is located at the link below. Thanks for allowing all of us the opportunity to follow along. This blog is a great tool in developing ones knowledge of the theory. To all the LRC professionals, keep up the great work!

    Are there still people out there that believe the LRC doesn’t exist? 😉

    • 99% of people don’t know about the LRC. Of that 1%, 99% of them don’t believe it. That is fine…all the better for us!

      • Sometimes using the LRC feels like cheating. It’s like we know the answers before the question is even asked 🙂

  5. Any insight on what the latest models are showing for early next week? I see that, as usual, they are all over the place due to the sparse data sampling over the Pacific. I do notice though that the 06Z GFS and the 12Z NAM really wants to phase the 2 over the rockies on Monday. You agree?

    Thanks in advance,
    (Patiently waiting on 12Z GFS)


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