Blizzard Warnings Posted For Round 2

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest radar and snow forecast updates!***

Thank you for staying with your #1 weather source…Weather Watch 12!  Periods of mainly light snow will continue into Tuesday morning.  The morning commute may be tricky in spots, but the worst of the storm hits Tuesday Night into early Wednesday!

To track the snow day or night just click on the interactive radar below!

This is a massive storm in the amount of states and areas that will be impacted by it.  Below is an advisories/watches/warnings map from Monday evening.  The red shades over the Midwest, including part of southeast Wisconsin are Blizzard Warnings which will go into effect at 3pm Tuesday for our local area.

The latest data just arrived, certainly some good news for snow lovers.  The track is slightly farther north.  This could POTENTIALLY mean more snow in southeastern Wisconsin. 

Below is the RPM forecast for the entire storm from Monday Night through Wednesday.  If you already picked up 1 or 2 inches of snow on Monday, add that to the totals.

Again if you look at previous blog entries, the RPM has been all over the place with snow totals.  But it has been consistent today in putting about 12″ or more around Milwaukee, with higher totals to the south.

Monday Evening RPM Snowfall Forecast

The 00Z NAM computer model which had the most southern track of the models I usually use, did lift a bit farther north with the Monday evening run.

New NAM Storm Total

This model went from squeezing out around a 0.50″ of liquid precipitation to 0.78″ in Milwaukee.  That would likely not produce a snow total of a foot, but it would be close to 10″. 

The forecast still looks like the heaviest snow is from Milwaukee county and points south, with a potential bullseye in Racine or Kenosha county of 15″+.  The recent trends have pushed a little more snow into all areas for Tuesday night into Wednesday.

This has the potential to be a very dangerous storm when you consider the amount of snow, and winds of 40+mph possible.  Use extreme caution traveling Tuesday night, or better yet hold off your travel plans until later Wednesday, or Thursday.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest radar updates and snowfall forecast.  Also tune into WISN 12 News this Morning from 4-7am Tuesday.

Please post your snow totals in the comments section of the blog!  Look for another update early Tuesday.

Jeremy Nelson


24 Responses

  1. Models are all over the place. They keeping shifting from north to south. Im getting so frustrated. I just hope we’ll be in the bullseye

  2. You know what, as long as I get a snow day, I will be happy. With your latest models, looks like I’ll get a foot here.

  3. Great blog post, hope it moves up a little further north yet!

  4. I don’t think this storm will live up to its hype. It will be a normal big snowstorm for Milwaukee. The City of Milwaukee does a great job of removing snow.

    • I don’t think so. We haven’t had 30-40mph winds with snow in a while. That’s where all the hype is: blizzard.

    • I think the hype was a bit much, but some of the models were off the charts to start with high snow ratios, the ratios have come down but some of the uninformed media have held on to those early numbers. Not a “historic” storm like some media are saying but a good snowstorm.

  5. Well, good news with the latest run. (snow lover, in case you’re not aware) 🙂

    Will anticipate tomorrow morning’s forecast updates with all that happens overnight.


  6. I think a small shift of 50 or so miles north will make a LARGE difference in how much snow we get…keep trending it north with each run and I’ll be a happy man!!

  7. All I know is that downtown Milwaukee (Marquette campus) is getting some pretty decent snow right now. 🙂

  8. Being a snow-lover, the latest model runs are beginning to look promising again.

    I would be satisfied if that latest RPM run was correct. 😛

  9. Great post Jeremy! I for one am hoping that the northern trend continues bringing everyone in Milwaukee 12″+. Seems as though this “signature storm” is making last minute shifts as it has in the past. Do you see this storm moving much more before arriving tomorrow afternoon, north or south?

    • Scott,

      A little wobble here or there by the track and it will have an impact. NOW-Casting will be key. We are also within range of the RUC model to use that.


  10. City of Waukesha just east of North High School
    2.5 inches at 9:30pm
    6.5 inches at 5:30am
    And its still snowing pretty heavy right now.

  11. 4.3″ of new snow from this system in Waukesha.

  12. City of Waukesha by North High School
    2.5 inches at 9:00 last night
    6.5 inches at 5:30 this morning
    Looks on radar to be some sustained lake effect? Could see us push close to 14+ inches total by Wednesday afternoon!

  13. our storm total for the first round was 5″ in beaver dam. lots of blowing and drifting with up to 2 foot drifts on the country roads this morning.

  14. our snow total from round 1 is 5″ in juneau, beaver dam area. 2 foot drifts on country roads.

  15. 15 inches plus? Sounds like the exact amount is not totally known!

  16. Tuesday, February 1, 2011 8:41 am

    Snow Report: Little accumulation overnight. Due to the blowing around of the snow, my driveway has anywhere from 0.0″ to maybe 3.0″. My best estimate is that really not much if any, the snowfall from this first round is approx 1″. Present conditions are light snow falling, lake effect I assume from checking the IRAD, and E wind shifting around to NE to N at maybe 15mph. Baro moved little overnight, still around 30.5″Hg.

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  17. OOP’s, Make that baro reading 30.05″

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  18. NWS for once might be underestimating storm totals for tonight/ tommorow they are saying 5-8 tonight and another 1-3 tommorow, that is a bit less then here, unless the models are shifting the storm a bit to the south again…

  19. Almost 6 inches out in East Troy and still having some lake effect snow. Can’t wait to see what the final numbers are going to be out here tomorrow! Wouldn’t be surprised if we see over 14 inches out here considering we already have about 6 here.

  20. Hi Jeremy,

    As of 9:00am we have about 6 inches of snow near the lake in Oostburg. The winds are picking up and lots of drifting going on. Still snowing and at times pretty heavy.


    • Thanks for the total Sue!


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