Blizzard Continues Tonight

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest on the blizzard and updated closings!***

As the snow and wind increase tonight, we will be covering the storm on WISN 12 and right here in the blog.  If you are up late tonight, make sure to check back for updates, and please post your weather reports to the comments section of the blog!

A band of steady snow covered much of southern Wisconsin at 7:30pm.  Blizzard conditions were being reported in many rural areas of southeast Wisconsin.  For the latest interactive radar image click below.

As of this writing(Tuesday evening), heavy snow was located over south central Wisconsin back into northeast Iowa.  This snow was associated with the comma head of the storm.  Thundersnow was located within the comma head.  This was producing very heavy snow! 

Below is a radar image from the Quad Cities showing the narrow intense line of snow over northeast Iowa.  This band will continue to move east-northeast.  I’m not sure if thundersnow will occur in southeast Wisconsin, but it may be close with this intense storm system!

Comma Head 

You can see where the heavy snow reports were located around 7pm on Tuesday.  On the map below a ‘*’ symbol represents snow.  4 of these symbols in the shape of a diamond represents heavy snow.  These were located in parts of Wisconsin and northeast Iowa.  Moderate snow was being reported in Milwaukee.

The surface low was located over far southeast Illinois.  This will continue to move northeast.

As the surface low moves northeast and strengthens overnight, winds will gust over 50mph.  These intense winds may be at there highest speeds around 1am.  Below is a RPM forecast of wind speeds in knots.  Notice that winds over the lake will be around 40-45 knots, or over 50mph in spots.  These gusty winds will push inland at times. 

The strong winds will combine with moderate to heavy snow to produce one of the worst snowstorms in years here in southeast Wisconsin.  The snow forecast on WISN 12 News is a pretty close match to the one shown below.  This map was in the previous blog and is a forecast for round 2 of the storm.  So if you had snow Monday and early Tuesday add that to these totals.

RPM Snowfall Forecast

This means that some areas south of Milwaukee could be close to 20″ by the end of the storm.

Please continue to post your weather reports and snow totals to the comments section of the blog.  Also, if you grab a picture or video with your cell phone or camera, please post it to the U-Local section of  Below is the link to U-Local

Stay safe tonight and continue to check back for updates!

Jeremy Nelson


32 Responses

  1. Can you explain to me why I’m not seeing any snow here in Sheboygan? I live about two blocks from the lake

    • Robert,

      Tough to say. Both Milwaukee and Green Bay radars show snow, and the automated weather station is reporting light snow. The snow will push north more in the next hour.


  2. Can’t tell you how much snow has fallen this evening but I have 3.5′ drifts already in my yard and driveway (in Lannon)

    • Thanks Ron! Jeremy

  3. Very windy on Milwaukee’ s far northwest side. Moderate snow, significant blowing and drifting. Visibility down to less than a half mile, sometimes down to a quarter mile. When I drove from Menomonee Falls about an hour ago, there was occasional white out conditions on the open areas of Main Street/Brown Deer Road.

  4. Terrible visibility in West Allis, 2’+ drifts, VERY windy!!

  5. We received 6.1″ from round one.

    Round two is producing a lot of wind, and huge drafts, but not much new snow (in Waukesha).

  6. Just got back from taking a small walk outside. It’s nasty out there. I couldn’t even tell you how much snow we got so far but I have 3-4 foot drifts everywhere. I can’t believe there are cars even on the road. Crazy!

  7. Tuesday, February 1, 2011 9:23 pm

    Storm Report: Wind velocity and snow intensity have increased during the past 15 minutes or so beginning at about 8:45pm. Snowflake size has increased so they now look more like snow flakes rather than white bits of ‘dust’ as they blow by the window. Still have to wait for a bit of a ‘lull’ in the wind though to see anything more than white streaks! Wind mostly from the north and more steady rather than gusty. My guess is around 40mph constant. The 3 bare spots on my drive I previously mentioned are now down to one! Flat area of back yard now has a surface that looks like frozen white waves or swells. Very few vehicles driving by now. Hopefully they have a very good reason for being out there!

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  8. Echoing similar reports in Elm Grove. Constant strong winds and visibilities dropping to 1/8 mile at times. Decent clip of snow coming down, too.

    Don’t see a lot of drifts looking out my window, but will venture outside to look around with my wife and son to have a look. (We’ll be bundled and safe!)

    It’s a whopper!


  9. Thundersnow here in Shorewood, near UWM!!! Visibility at or near zero, winds are howling. This is bad.

    • Taylor,

      That’s cool! Thundersnow is amazing.


  10. Just took a walk outside, still not so bad snow wise in Jackson. The wind is probably constant around 30. I am tucked back in a wooded area so it is hard to say if the trees are knocking the wind down. Snowflakes are real small, and windblown clear spots on driveway and decks.

  11. Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    10:00pm Just started getting some ‘serious’ wind and snow!!!! I’ll risk a ‘guesstimate’ of 500 feet visibility! If the radar shows that what I’m getting now is headed your way, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss seeing it!

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

    • Tony,

      Heavy band of snow over your area. As someone said, it’s a whopper!


  12. It’s almost a total white-out in the area. We have huge drifts near the doors; I had to shovel for several minutes to just be able to let the dogs out.

    It’s going to be fun to see how deep the drifts are in the morning.

  13. Visibility on Milwaukee’s far northwest side 1/8 of a mile or less. I won’t even venture to guess how much snow has fallen. Drifts of at least 3 feet. I can’t imagine what it is like driving in this.

    It’s definitely a blizzard! Up until about 20 years ago, there was a 20 degrees or lower temperature requirement along with the 1/4 mile or less visibility and the 35 m.p.h. sustained/frequent gusts in order for a storm to qualify as a blizzard. This storm would make it even under the old rules!

  14. Whoa! Lightning and thunder in Elm Grove at 11:06pm!!! Yes! Bring on the snow!


  15. Hey Jeremy and Mark,

    Wow! Just saw/heard my first lightning and thundersnow ever 🙂 … in West Allis. Sure is coming down! Can’t believe we have another 8 hours give or take!

  16. This storm is absolutely amazing!!! I have had moderate to heavy snow since about 6. The wind is amazing, visibility down to 500 feet or less at times(much less when driving!), and a snow drift at 4.5 feet. Incredible storm, can’t get enough of it! Looks like a very heavy band coming up from Kenosha and Racine counties very soon..Can’t wait and yep I’ll stay up to see it!!

  17. Storm intensity is picking up here in Tosa. Have had thundersnow as well as lightening in the last 30 minutes….very cool stuff.

  18. We have also had thundersnow and lightning in Whitefish Bay. The winds are howling! WOW!

  19. Sitting at home in B. Deer. Our lights just flickered–please don’t let the power go. Sounds like my garbage can is moving down the street. Tree branches down. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

    • Thanks for all the reports! Was just outside and saw thundersnow too!


  20. There seems to be no in break in sight from the snow and below normal temperatures. I see the deep Arctic plunge in next week’s forecast. Do you guys see any change in the pattern this month, or are we in for a long Winter? We usually have some sort of thaw by now… really running out of room to put the snow.

    4 1/2 foot drifts in my yard on the South side of Milwaukee as of an hour ago. With 8 more hours of this, there’s going to be a real mess to clean up tomorrow afternoon.

    • Watch for shortly after Valentine’s day… remember the warmth leading up to New Years Eve.

      • Daniel,

        18Z GFS had a nice warm-up around 384 hours. Long way out but I think we know what to believe!


    • Dave,

      There should be a warm-up around the middle of February. We’ll talk more about it in coming days.


  21. Jeremy,

    Was just looking back at your previous posts from the last two big storms and was amazed at how accurate your predictions were and how similar the storms were to each other! Especially your prediction in December! You had it down to a T almost 🙂

    I see there is a slight discrepancy…which I believe through you off a bit too? Between the October and December storms, there were 46 days, I believe. And between the December storm and this storm, there were 52. Is this natural because they all vary a bit? Would you just take an average of these two numbers and say the cycle length is actually 50 then? Or would the 52 be more accurate? This is incredible stuff!

    Dan K

  22. Jeremy, by the way, I just wanted to let you know that I have an event on Facebook for the snow, and I sent a message out to the 4,000 guests about your theory, and cited the WISN blog…. hope you get many more followers yet! 🙂

    • Thanks Dan! This is/was the ‘signature’ storm. Just wish I had not second guessed myself. With bigger parts of the pattern always repeat. That was the case this time and it certainly fit in the 50-52 day range.


  23. Wednesday, February 2, 2011 12:59 am

    Past couple of hours has been mostly whiteout or near whiteout conditions. I’m going to give a conservative estimate of visibilities of around 200ft although I think it may be closer to 150ft, at times anyway. Winds are picking up again just as I’m writing this. Have had a couple of rather strong and sustained gusts. Also seems the winds at times are coming from at least a little west of north.

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

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