Blizzard Nears – Heavy Snow & Strong Winds

***Watch WISN 12 News starting at 3pm for the latest on the blizzard!***

***Blizzard Warning for all of southeast Wisconsin until midday Wednesday***

Thank you for reading the Weather Watch 12 blog! Round 2 of this major winter storm is about to move into southeastern Wisconsin.

Heavy snow was beginning to show up over northern Illinois at 2:19pm on Tuesday afternoon. The map below is a NEXRAD radar image from the Milwaukee/Sullivan radar. Milwaukee is labeled with a ‘*’ for reference.

Radar Mid-Afternoon, Heavy Snow Nears

The snow is pushing northeast and will move into the metro area for the evening commute, and pick up in intensity Tuesday evening.

Just click below to look at a very colorful interactive radar image! You can zoom and move the radar…give it a try!

The main surface low is still to our south. This surface map at 2pm Tuesday shows the low, and it was beginning to move northeast and strengthen!

Surface Low Tuesday 2pm

The black lines above are isobars, lines that connect equal pressure. The closer the lines, the tigher the pressure gradient, and the stronger the surface winds. We could easily see winds gust to 45-50mph overnight! That will reduce visibilities to near zero in spots.

The final run of the RPM is in! Below is the forecast from the RPM, which pretty much matches our snowfall forecast that we will be showing on WISN 12 News. Keep in mind these totals are in ADDITION to the snow that fell in the past 24 hours.

RPM Final Snowfall Forecast

Please remember to send along your snow totals about every 3 hours or so. Also, take some pictures and videos and post them to the U-Local section of! It’s super easy to load your pictures. Just click below.

Stay safe and please feel free to talk about the storm in the comments section! Look for another update in the coming hours!

In the meantime, check out WISN 12 News all afternoon and evening for the latest.

Jeremy Nelson


41 Responses

  1. SO EXCITED! 😀 Storm of the decade???

    • It’s early in the decade:) Jeremy

    • not in kenosha…15 inches isn’t nearly as bad as 2 feet which is what i had been told

  2. When tomorrow do you think the precipitation will end? Noon? 2-3? 6 pm? Getting anxious to get on the road to Dallas. Am planning on rolling I-43 to Beloit then 39 to 74 to 57 and 55 to Memphis (head south, try to avoid the ice in Missouri/Oklahoma)…

    • Certainly no expert here but I’d say the snow would be out of here mid – late morning tomorrow. Of course, while you’d assume the main haighways would be cleared shortly thereafter, blowing snow with this event could be a significant problem for a good while after the snow stops. Perhaps, though, this will not be as much of an issue on N/S roads? In any case, be care and Go Pack Go!

      • Thanks, my co-driver is coming from Sheboygan and the earliest he can get here is 2. Might take the wife’s 4WD vehicle (her work is closed today and tomorrow), will depend on the IL road conditions as to when/if we leave:

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated Jeremy. Do these totals reflect the potential lake effect enhancement. Is there potential for more snow near the lake, if so, what do you project?

    • The RPM includes lake effect/ehancement


  4. Wow, adventurous Zaphod… travels. GO PACK!!!!

  5. Snow just started here at 3:35pm

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  6. Wow. Looks like it’s gonna be a doozy.

    Latest 84hr NAM Total Snowfall ->

    shows Eastern Waukesha county and most of Milwaukee county getting 15″ to 18″. Does that still seem a bit high, Jeremy?



  7. Only 5 in Sheboygan?

  8. For anyone traveling south, many state highways closed in Missouri and large chunks of interstates closed. White out conditions reported. 8-18 inch reports of snow so far and drifts nearing 4-6 feet.

    • That’s called flurries in Wisconsin LRC:)


  9. The new nam and gfs do seem to put some of the darker blues in our area. Does this mean possibly more snow than what you are currently thinking? LIke one person said about the new nam.

    • Justin…our snow forecast is set. At this point with the wind the difference between 12″ and 15″ may not make much of a difference.


  10. Jeremy —

    You’re only forecasting 5″ for Dodge County? Earlier today I was seeing us in 8-12″ range — don’t remember where I saw that —

    So the “signature storm” will bypass our county for the most part? {It’s just like I told you before — we seem to live in a part of Dodge County where everything by passes us — communities all around us got more snow with round 1 than we did — Beaver Dam and Juneau with 5″ and we got 3.5″}

    Any chance our snow totals could go higher? {I’m the preacher guy who’s always bugging you for advice during snowstorms about whether or not to cancel events at church.} Also, with just that “little bit” of snow, it would seem unlikely schools would close in this area. I should probably plan on a “business as usual day” and night? If so, rats! We were planning on a snow day. My wife is bummed that she’ll have to get up at 4 a.m. and go out to work! 😦

    Any encouragement you can give us to boost our hopes for a big snowfall, together with any other answers to our questions is much appreciated.

    In case you’re interested, the winds have been picking up all afternoon. We are seeing some snow — looks like big fluffy flakes blowing around.

    Don in Reeseville

    • Don,

      If you see 5″ of snow on top of what you had plus the wind, that will be a pretty good storm. Hang in there and keep us updated!


      • Hi, Mark and Jeremy!

        I just caught your 5 and 6 p.m. shows and I noticed the snow total went up for our area again by a few inches from what’s on the map with the blog.

        I thnk Mark’s info answers my questions and concerns and helps me make the decisions I need to. We just found out Dodgeland Schools will be closed, so that closes church activities too — and keeps my wife home — so we’ll get a pretty significant storm after all — and a nice snowday. 🙂

        I guess my earlier comments must seem rather silly now — sorry!! I get easily frustrated with the up and down part of the snowfall totals. Sorry again! 😦

        I’ll try to give you the best measurements I can.

        Thanks for putting up with my being a novice and sometimes naive about this weather. This is a new interest for me, soi have a lot to learn!

        Thanks for all the work you do!

        Don in Reeseville

      • Don,

        Careful in Dodge county, we are getting reports of some rural roads that are impassable.


    • Enjoy the snowday, Don!


  12. Hi Jeremy,

    Present conditions are a fairly stiff wind and considerable snow and of course reduced visibility; though due to flake size, really doesn’t seem to be accumulating to any great extent. Baro dropped about .1″Hg (30.00″ >29.90″) during previous 2 hours or so. Just did a quick ‘look out the window’ check and things seem to be intensifying a bit.
    My plans are to be up tonight to see how this ‘thing’ plays out. I’ll try to post anything that may seem significant.

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  13. I pray that all those packer fans who will be venturing to Texas to support their team will have God’s grace for traveling mercy. I pray that he protects all those traveling across the Nation. We’ve had worst storms, just use caution.

  14. How do you measure the snow with such strong winds? Parts if my driveway are clear and others have drifts on the north sides. At least I got my snow day 🙂

    • I was going to ask the same thing!

  15. Tuesday, February 1, 2011 7:20 pm

    Hi WW12 blog!

    Had a few gusts come through recently that would seem to me to be in the category of ‘blizzard’. If that becomes the ‘norm’ as this storm goes on, could be quite nasty! As for snow accumulation, my drive was plowed around 4pm. My drive is oriented E/W and I still have 3 fairly large spots that are bare. The road past my house gets pretty good attention from the public works people and so far, what traffic there is does not seem to be having any serious difficulties.
    Will try to get an update in time to give you some idea of the conditions around here before your 10pm news. We’ll see!

    Tony (Pleasant Prairie)

  16. I was going to ask the same question about how to accurately measure snow. I would love to blog the information for our little town of Kewaskum. We are experiencing some pretty intense winds at this time and it reminds me of when I lived in NC during a cat 1 hurricane. The winds sound similar. We are cuddled up for the night and can’t help getting up to look outside and check out the conditions. I am seeing some pretty significant drifting happening already.

    Lisa from Kewaskum

    • Lisa,

      Measuring snow in this type of wind is tough to say the least! If possible find a somewhat sheltered area. Guessing might count too:)


  17. All done here…now it is your turn! All we have to show for it is 12-20 inches, 40mph winds now, and 3-6 ft drifts. Good luck Milwaukee!

    • That’s incredible!!

      Is “lrcweather” Mr. Lezak himself??

      • Dan,

        I think if you click on lrcweather you will find out more. Mr. Lezak hasn’t commented here. I still talk to him often.


      • Ohh ok, thanks! I have much respect for Mr. L. This theory is mad awesome!

  18. Snow coming down heavier/wind steady with stronger gusts picking up in length and intensity. Electricity has gone off for short periods of time and come back on three times in the last hour. Getting ready for a long (interesting/exciting) night of weather watching.
    Thank you Weather Watch 12 team for keeping us informed with up to date info. to help keep us safe.
    Laurie (Grafton)

  19. Absolutely nothing in Sheboygan

  20. Enough coverage you think there is a single person who doesn’t know the weather is lousy and likely to get worse

    I just turn off the local stations during these things.

    • My friend, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it! While the media often hypes it, I love reading every blog post Jeremy and Mark put up! They keep us well informed with honest answers.

  21. It is wicked here in Walworth County! According to the WeatherBug on my computer, we’ve had a top wind gust of 43 MPH in Lake Geneva. The rural roads were already accumulating snow drifts late this afternoon before sunset. I would not recommend travel down by us!

    • Jan,

      Thanksf or the update!


  22. Nervous about going to work in the am. don’t have a choice. work for the post office. Mail has to go throught. Hope that the plows get a chance to get out before I have to leave.

    • Sue,

      Certainly understand your concerns. At least the heaviest snow will be done before sunrise.


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