Dangerous Winter Storm Nears

***Watch WISN 12 News starting at 3pm for live coverage of the major winter storm!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. I rarely get concerned or worried about a winter storm. After all it snows in Wisconsin every winter and we deal with major winter storms very well. The combination of heavy snow, strong winds, and very poor visibility will make the storm that hits our area tonight dangerous for anyone trying to travel.

I did a screen capture of the NWS warnings that are in place for round 2 of this storm. Our entire viewing area is under a Blizzard Warning for later today and into Wednesday!

NWS Warnings Tuesday Morning

If any of these warnings change later today I will add an update to the blog!

I want to request a few things before we take a look at the latest snow forecast, and how much snow has already fallen.

To help the weather team at WISN 12 provide the best information to our viewers during the storm I ask that if possible send us pictures and video from your cameras, cell phones, PDA’s, etc. We want to see what you are experiencing. Make sure to include your location, time, and name if possible. Just post them to the U-Local section of WISN.com To make it easy I posted the link below.


I also want to remind everyone that you can track the storm from the comfort of your home! Check the latest radar image from our interactive radar below. Just bookmark the radar for easy access anytime.


Now let’s talk about round 2 of the storm that will arrive later today and continue into Wednesday. This storm has the POTENTIAL to rival the one that hit southern Wisconsin back on January 2, 1999. That storm brought snow totals of 10″-20″ to all areas with very strong winds.

The blizzard that will hit our area tonight will spread heavy snow, strong winds, and poor visibility in by evening. You should wrap up any travel plans early in the evening.

The snowfall forecast from Tuesday morning run of the RPM is one of the last we’ll show, since we are so close to the start of the event. Nothing has really changed with the RPM, and it is now clear that many areas of southeast Wisconsin will pick up 10″ or more of snow in addition to what has already fallen! Keep in mind there will be a cut-off of the higher totals the farther northwest you travel.

Below is the latest snowfall forecast. Keep in mind this is in ADDITION to what has already piled up.

RPM Snow Total Forecast For Round 2

After looking at the latest data that came in Tuesday morning, I have no reason to question the RPM forecast when compared to the NAM.

I mentioned the snow that fall tonight will be added to the totals from round 1. Here is a look at totals from Monday through early Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who shared a total!

  • Waukesha 6.5″
  • Cedarburg 6.2″
  • West Bend 6.2″
  • Hartland 6.0″
  • Juneau 5.0″
  • Beaver Dam 5.0″
  • Sheboygan 5.0″
  • Sullivan 4.0″
  • Horicon 4.0″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport 3.7″
  • Kenosha 1-2″

Stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 for the latest on this major winter storm. Please feel free to discuss the storm and also post your thoughts and questions in the comments section of the blog!

Have a great day and stay safe!

Jeremy Nelson


22 Responses

  1. Looking pretty good for us!! With already 6 inches out here in East Troy, looks like we could end up with over 15 inches of snow after all is said and done! Any chance we may see Thundersnow tonight? I know they are forcasting it for Chicago area. Thanks for all your hard work! You guys have done an AMAZING job keeping us all up to date! I look forward to the blog every day!

  2. Yes, Thundersnow would be fantastic. I don’t think we’ll see it here, Chicago should be close enough to the Low pressure center to see more ‘action’.

    But, in a rather _rare_ move, MPS has closed for tonight AND tomorrow already! I’m almost positive they don’t close this early very often.

    Bring it on and Stay Safe!!!


    • Michael,

      Thundersnow would be most likely close to the 700mb low. And with that said, some very heavy snow!


  3. Plus, I don’t think it’s only me, but have you noticed how several ‘weather’ websites are running a little snow the last few days, especially this morning. wunderground.com, weather.gov, noaa.gov… 🙂


    • Oh yeah, weather.gov has been slow since yesterday afternoon. It’s actually moving better today for me! 🙂 Gonna be an interesting night for sure! Wouldn’t be surprised if all the schools or most of them anyway are closed tomorrow.

    • No doubt, many people at ‘work’ have started surfing weather websites instead of their usual fare of eBay, Amazon, and other sites that shall go unmentioned by name here.


      • Tony,

        Anyone is welcome on the Weather Watch 12 blog. You can even get your weather questions answered!


      • Hi Jeremy,

        I assure you my comment was a ‘tongue in check’ explanation as to why weather related sites might be having a hard time keeping up.


      • Any blizzard conditions in your area Tony.


      • Hi Jeremy!

        Getting ready to post an update on the newest blog. Quick answer for now is snow (small flakes) with pretty stiff wind.

    • Michael,

      My previous station’s weather blog which gets over 100,000 hits on a busy day has had some major issues with too much traffic. A good, but bad problem.


  4. Jeremy, I was already counting on the calendar, this storm should be back around March 22nd, what are the odds that we get another storm of the decade then? Hopefully it will be a rain event by then.

    • I’ll bet it comes with a huge tornado outbreak somewhere in the midwest.

      • Don’t forget the “other” signature storm from New Year’s eve that spawned blizzard conditions behind it and a tornado outbreak near STL…that isn’t too far away. 😉

      • Maybe Feb 16-18:) Jeremy

    • Bryan —

      I’d be willing to bet that we get a big snow. It’s right aorund the first day of spring — so it has to be a big snow, right???


      • Snow or rain… I think it’s anybody’s guess…. hoping for snow though 😀

    • Bryan,

      The ‘signature’ storm has produced 3 times this season, and it will again in March. Precip. type is the question. Guessing this would produce severe wx in parts of the country.


  5. 5.8″ of snow in eastern Waukesha.

    The RPM model snowfall forecast does not include this morning’s system?

  6. Hi, Mark and Jeremy!!

    Round One Report from Reeseville in Dodge County = 3.5.” Of that 1″ fell from late morning until 8 p.m. Monday, the remaining 2.5″ fell from 8 p.m. Monday through end of snowfall sometime overnight.

    We had a snowpack of 8.5″ prior to round one, so this gives us 12″ snow on ground as of the end of round one.

    We must be well over 3 feet for the season — I would guess closer to 40.”

    Sorry I don’t have the capability to send any pictures.

    Is there any “pinpoint forecasting” you can share with me RE: snow totals to expect from Round Two here in our area of Dodge County? Also, with all the back and forth, up and down with the models as far as south/north track, has anything changed recently and do you expect any further changes? {I have to decide whether or not to cancel Wednesday night activities at church.}

    Are rounds 1 and 2 equaling out the to the “signature storm,” or are they two separate events? In ny event, the LRC has not failed us, has it???

    I’ll keep you posted on amounts as the “rest of the story” unfolds in this part of Dodge County.



  7. Jeremy/Mark – down here in KC – we have had some lightning with our blizzard. Snow fall rates up to 6 inches an hour just to the east of the metro. 1/16th mile vis and winds are going to be picking up like crazy in the next few hours. Insane. Enjoy it as it rolls up your way…

  8. I’m sicka this…Bring on spring!!!

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