Arctic Blast Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Over the last week we received hundreds of Packers related pictures on the U-Local section of  I thought that one was too cute not to share in the blog.

This picture was taken in Burlington of Haley(dog) and a little Packer fan(not sure his name).  Awesome pic!

Packers Snow Football With Dog

With many people focused on football over the weekend, you may have missed the updated February forecast.  You can check it out right after this entry.

Now onto the frigid temps that arrive this week!  Likely the coldest stretch of weather this winter season will hit this week.  Multiple mornings below zero are expected and daytime highs in spots will be stuck in the single digits above zero.

Below is a broad look at the cold air as it settles into the region by mid-week.  The purple and red colors represent 850mb(about 1500 meters above the ground) temperatures of -15 to -25C.  The map below is from the 18Z GFS computer model and is valid at Noon Wednesday.

850mb Temperatures Wednesday

The cold temperatures will result in 2-3 mornings with below zero readings even here in Milwaukee.  The forecast temperatures map below is from the GFS.  This map is valid for 6am Wednesday and shows temperatures of -5 to -10 degrees over much of southern Wisconsin.  Readings closer to Lake Michigan will be about -3 to -5.

Temperatures 6am Wednesday

The really cold weather should last through Thursday before  temperatures moderate.  Looking ahead to next weekend, readings could be around or above 32 degrees!  Keep in mind by next weekend the average high will be 32 for Milwaukee.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


10 Responses

  1. Congrats on your Superbowl win! =)

    • Thanks, Nicole. I’m not sure Jeremy was too excited, but it is a great day to be in Wisconsin.


  2. Hi, Jeremy and Mark!

    Now, after the big Super Bowl wil, it’s getting back to earth again!!!

    In reading the updated February long-range posted on 2/5, I didn’t find much emphasis in the update on the week of the 14TH being a ‘stormy period’ as you had described it in the original. Do you still see anything {beyond a clipper or other ‘nuisance’ snow} at this point?

    Also, I know you’ve said that LRC breaks down in summer, but will it be of any help in giving us a look at what kind of spring we should expect?

    My ‘bet” is that the return of the signature storm in March will bring us another snowstorm. It stands to “reason” since it’s right around the first day of spring — and when we should be having spring weather, we’re usually still getting winter.

    As always, looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Don in Reeseville

    • I think the lack of emphasis may have to do with the fact that precip types will be an issue that week if these kind of temps verify…

      • Daniel,
        Looking at that Accuweather forecast almost makes me cringe as much as the farmers almanac. Don’t bet the house on that.

      • Trust me, I wouldn’t even bet anything I bought at the dollar store on those forecasts.

    • Hey, Don,

      In the previous cycles, there was a pretty quiet stretch of weather after the signature storm. I think nuisance is probably going to cover it. As for March’s return of big storm, I believe we will be right on the dividing line of rain and snow. Much like it was in December. My worry is what that storm will mean for severe weather in May. We’ll wait and see.

  3. No chance of -30 wind chills Wednesday night, is there?

    • Dan,

      Tuesday night wind chills to -25.

      Lighter winds on Wednesday night so probably closer to -15.


      • Thanks, Mark… so it looks like most schools will be on as normal, huh?

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