Messy Mix To Snow, Continues Monday

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  It is not often we get a storm system to produce snow totals ranging from 1″ to 12″+ in our area, but that is where we are headed by the time this ends late Monday. 

For a current look at what type of precipitation is falling where you live, just click the link for the interactive radar below.

A messy mix of rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow will change over to all snow Sunday Night.  The snow totals will continue to add up, here is a look at totals through 6pm Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who sent totals!  I’m trying to use some on WISN 12 News, and also here in the blog. 

  • Oostburg  10.0″
  • Fond du Lac  7.0″
  • Cedarburg  6.2″
  • West Bend  6.0″
  • Sheboygan  5″-6″
  • Merton  5.0″
  • NW Milwaukee  4.75″
  • Sussex  4.25″
  • Reeseville  2.0″
  • Greenfield  1.75″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport  1.7″
  • Oconomowoc  1.5″
  • Hales Corner  1.0″
  • Kenosha  No Snow


By Monday, low pressure will slide into the Ohio Valley.  As colder air spills in and winds turn to the northeast, lake enhanced/effect snow will be possible.  The light snow will be steadiest in lakeshore counties on Monday.   Additional snow accumulations will be possible.

Below is the RPM forecast at noon Monday.  This shows the northeast winds, and also the snow(in blue).

RPM Snow Monday - Noon

Below is the NAM forecast surface map at 6pm Monday.  This would suggest the snow continues through the afternoon and that 1″-3″ of snow would be possible in spots Monday afternoon!

NAM Surface Forecast Monday

Final snow totals from Sunday through Monday will be around 9″-12″+ from Port Washington north to Sheboygan and west into parts of Fond du Lac county.  In Milwaukee and Waukesha totals should stay in the 3″-6″ range.  6″-9″ totals will be common around West Bend, Menomonee Falls, and back to Mequon.  1″-3″ for Lake Geneva and Kenosha.  A huge spread of snow from one messy storm! 

Please continue to post storm updates and snow totals in the comments section of the blog.  Look for updates on WISN 12 News!

Jeremy Nelson


16 Responses

  1. Great job on this storm, Jeremy! You guys have been spot on here as usual 🙂 keep it up!

    • Thanks Dan…a tough one but I think the forecast was pretty good.


  2. Jeremy —

    Do you anticipate any of the overnight snow falling in Dodge County, and if so, about how much more on top of the 2″ we’ve already got? How much by storm’s end would you think?


    Don in Reeseville

    • Don,

      You’ll fall into the 3″-6″ range. Probably in the lower end.


      • Thanks for the update Jeremy. I’ll get you another total report tomorrow morning, and at other times throughout the day if snow continues.

        Thanks for being so realistic with the snow total forecast. There are others who were saying up to 13″ here in Dodge. I know people who planned accordingly and are now greatly disappointed. I’ve checked other sites since yesterday, but I’ve always put the most trust in your snow total forecast.

        Speaking of high totals — a friend called and saw a televised report last night already that was calling for “significant snow” for us from the next storm {Fri/Sat}. Caught your ‘cast’ on your site and saw you’re expecting just a grazing. I’ll put my money on your work, so I’ll keep watching/reading to see if your view changes. Any idea when you’ll have a better “handle” on that one?

        Keep up the good work.

        Don in Reeseville

      • Don,

        I haven’t been able to give the late week storm enough analysis. I will try to look at past parts of the pattern. But for now it looks like a chance of snow on the edge of the system.


  3. One thing the RPM did pick up on that no other model or forecaster did was the freezing rain to start off this morning. Models and everyone else were calling for 3-5 inches of snow before the changeover, but you had it figured right by saying minimal snow if any to start off here in the 94 corridor.

    By the way, the early December 2009 storm tops this in terms of snowfall variance. I remember Mark joking the next day of how odd it would have been to say 0-16 inches of snow possible in the area (which is what happened… southern Lakeshore areas stayed all rain, NW got up to 16 inches).

    • RPM did well…not perfect…but about the best from the models I look at. This storm will continue Monday…everyone should see some snow then.


  4. Great job with this storm Jeremy!

    Nice changes with the interactive radar, the look and feel is much improved.

    • Scott,

      Thanks for the note. Still plenty of storm left with the snow on Monday.

      We have received some good feedback with the interactive radar update. Feedback is always welcome!


  5. Latest snow total from my backyard in Oshkosh is 6.6″. We were getting about an inch an hour for the first four hours of this storm. More info

  6. I don’t want to jump ahead, but what do you think about Thursday? Could we have another potential for a storm?

  7. Trying to measure snow with this wind is difficult, but I’d say around 8 inches in sheboygan

  8. Hi Jeremy,

    After my last snow total of 10 inches we got another 4 on top of that for a total of 14 inches in Oostburg near the lake. Wasn’t expecting that much snow. It was so nice to see the grass after that thaw and now it is all covered again. Thanks for the great job your weather team does.


  9. Happy Monday, WW12 Team!

    As of 7 a.m. this morning here in Reeseville, another 1″ of sleet had fallen overnight. Adding that to the 2″ of snow from Sunday, that gives us 3″ total accumulation of — well — how do you combine snow and sleet — “sneet”?? 🙂

    Nothing has fallen so far today. Just very windy. Temp is 23 degrees at the time of this writing, which is 11:45 a.m. My wife had to go to Beaver Dam this a.m. and when she got home said that the roads between here and there are in really bad shape — lots of drifting. Also, some country roads not yet plowed.

    Will monitor conditions and report back if necessary. Will let you know for sure what the snow for this p.m. brings.

    As always, keep up the good work!

    Don in Reeseville

    • Thanks for the update Don and Sue! Jeremy

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