Snow, Rain, And Everything In Between

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  A crazy day of weather continues across southeast Wisconsin.  Rain, sleet, and snow have been the dominate precipitation types so far.  Remember to keep track of the rain, sleet and snow to check out our interactive radar.  Just click below!

Below is a radar update at 1:43 pm Sunday.  I labeled the areas seeing snow, a mix, and rain.  The pockets of yellow below indicate the heaviest bands of precipitation.   

Radar Sunday 1:37pm

Looking at the radar, surface reports, and temperatures can tell us a lot, but please post your storm reports to the comments section of the blog.  This will help us get a good understanding of where the rain/mix/snow line is located.  Also, any snow reports are appreciated!

As the precipitation wavers in spots from snow to a mix to even rain, it will all change to snow for southeast Wisconsin this evening and tonight.  As the surface low passes to our south, some moisture on the backside of the storm will produce light snow that will continue into Monday.  This part of the storm will bring additional accumulation to the area.  And with winds out of a northeast direction some lake enhanced/effect snow is likely…as we discussed in yesterday’s blog.

Below is the updated snowfall forecast.  Very close to the one that I showed last night at 10pm.  I’m happy that the snow forecast has stayed pretty consistent even though this is a tricky storm to forecast.  The only change is an added band to better represent the pocket of heavy snow in far northern parts of the area, and since 1″-3″ of snow fell in and around Milwaukee Sunday I included more areas in the 3″-6″ band and brought the 6″-10″ band about 20-25 miles farther south. 

Snow Forecast Thru Monday

Look for updates all day on WISN 12 News, and on our newscasts at 5:30 and 10pm.  Please share your photos with us in the U-Local section of and also feel free to email them to me at

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


27 Responses

  1. Thundersnow in Fondy.

    What is awesome about this storm? It is a pleasant surprise to me because the previous time through the cycle, Dec 31 – Jan 1, much of the precipitation dissipated as it moved through WI and it was mainly rain. Same storm with majorly different outcomes in my back yard! Loving it.

    I will be updating my blog as time allows with the conditions out my door. 2.4″ measured at 1:09pm.

    • I saw the report of thundersnow…enjoy!


  2. Sleet/snow to sleet to freezing rain to sleet to sleet/snow to freezing rain to freezing rain/snow to snow to freezing rain to snow to freezing rain/sleet to sleet to sleet/snow. Let me check my notes to see if I missed anything. As of this writing there is a little over an inch of this stuff down, but as I look outside here comes some more snow.

    • Daniel,

      I may have nightmares about this storm later. Our final snow totals will range from around 1″-2″ to over a foot in the viewing area!


  3. If you check out the RPM from last night’s blog and Jeremy’s updated snowfall total map they line up very nicely, how does the RPM nail it time after time? Do you program the old storm tracks from previous LRC cycles in it, so that it uses historical data to help predict things?

    • Bryan,

      That would be something nice to plug into a model someday! The RPM usually does very well with 24 hours. I will say the RPM missed out on most of the snow from Milwaukee south today. It was pointing toward more of a mix to rain, then back to mix. Looked outside the station and we are around 2″ of snow.


  4. Hi Jeremy,

    The storms been pretty much a non-event around here except for some light to moderate rain fall with just a very small amount of (sleet/freezing rain?) thrown in to keep it interesting. I’m not complaining!

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks for the update!


  5. Moderate snow right now in Sheboygan. About 6 inches has fallen already.

  6. Hey, Jeremy!

    After what started out around 10:00 a.m. looking like we were going to get a heavy snow event, it has been basically nothing here in Reeseville. The 10:00 a.m. heavy snow lasted maybe 30 minutes, and another 15 minutes of the same from about 11:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. I would guess 1″ or less accumulation of snow so far. Some rain and sleet mixed in from time to time from 10 a.m. to Noon. Since Noon {it’s now 4:00 p.m.} everything has just been very fine flurries. Looks like the Winter Storm Warning and NWS call for 8-13″ in our area will end up being a case of “the boy who cried wolf” — as usual. I should know better than to check other weather sites, shouldn’t I? Sorry!

    At the very low rate precip is coming down now, although all snow, I can’t see anything much more accumulating here, unless something changes soon.

    Can you provide any “pinpointing” on what we should expect here in our part of Dodge County the rest of today and overnight?

    Hope this info is helpful.



  7. A very wet 4-5 inches in Cedar Grove. Wet enough to stick to our satelitte (1st time in 11 years), so we’ve been without TV all afternoon.

  8. Just measured the snow in the driveway at 4.25″ Sussex – Good Hope at Waukesha Ave. – heavy wet saturated snow.
    Now sleeting at 4:45 PM

    • Just changed to freezing rain about 5:00 PM

  9. Hi Jeremy,

    No rain here only snow in Oostburg. So far we are up to 8 inches.


  10. There are a lot of embedded cells coming through the viewing area and the one I’m under right now in New Berlin is producing moderate freezing rain. Trees are glazed and branches are starting to sag just a little.

  11. No snow in East Troy. It’s been a mix between freezing rain/sleet all day here. No white stuff.

    • Nicole…that’s less snow to melt later:)


      • I think it was spring fever from last week, cause I’m actually happy we didn’t end up with a TON of snow here. I’m loving hearing the thunder once in a while!

      • My Spring Fever just got worse. I need some warm weather back! Too bad March will be more lion than lamb…


  12. 4.75 inches of snow on Milwaukee’s far northwest side with light sleet and freezing rain now.

    • Thanks Patrick! Jeremy

  13. Hi again, Jeremy and Fellow Blog-Bunch!

    6 p.m. — just went out and measured — 2″ of very heavy very wet snow here in Reeseville — Dodge County. I believe most if not all of that is from the breif heavy bands of snow that came through here between 9:30 a.m. and Noon today. Since then precip has been just intermittent sleet showers.


    • Don,

      Thanks for the total…was looking for something out of Dodge county.


  14. Just got done shoveling in Fond du Lac about 6:30pm. Only picked up an additional 1 inch of snow since 3:30pm. We have had on/off sleet since about 5pm. This snow is heavy to lift. Most of the snow in our area this year has been easier to move. Earlier in the day the temp was warmer and we were getting all snow. Now the temp is colder and we are getting more sleet.

    • Brian,

      How much snow so far?


  15. About 5 inches in Sheboygan….but that was a few hours ago. Haven’t really been paying attention since.

  16. Hi Jeremy,

    Here in Oostburg we received another 2 inches so we are now up to 10 inches and it is still snowing pretty hard.


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