Japan Tsunami Video & Spring Weather Ahead

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  Video continues to surface of the devastating, but yet amazing and powerful tsunami that struck coastal areas of Japan following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.  Before we discuss the weather in Wisconsin, I want to show some video I came across today on You Tube of the Japan tsunami.

The first video is from CCTV of the tsunami as it reached the Sendai airport.  I haven’t seen this video shown too much on newscasts. 

To me the most spectacular video is of the tsunami pushing into the countryside.  The video below was from Sky News coverage as it happened.

To learn more about the ‘ring of fire’ where some of the strongest earthquakes have occurred, and how tsunamis form check out this past Weather Watch 12 blog below.

Ring of Fire and Tsunamis

Just looking at the power of water, it is no surprise that flooding is the number one weather related killer in the U.S.!

Shifting gears to our local weather, some good news for the week ahead…a warm-up.  While no records are in danger, it should be enough to rid the area of almost all the snow, expect for big piles.  The first run toward 50 degrees will come on Tuesday ahead of a weak cold front.

The RPM temperature forecast map is below.  This indicates readings near 50 well inland, and cooler 40s near the lake.

RPM Tuesday Temperatures 

This is the time of year you should get use to the saying ‘cooler by the lake’.  The warmest day this week looks to be St. Patrick’s Day when 50s may be possible in all areas with winds turning to the southwest. 

We are now about 10 days away from the arrival of the ‘signature’ storm in our area.  Saturday’s 18Z GFS computer model run put a very wet storm in the nation’s mid-section on March 22-23, or 50 days from February 1-2.  The question in my mind is not if the storm will happen, but rather where will the exact track set up, and how cold will temperatures be?

GFS March 23 Storm

This has been a major storm every time through the cycle, and I expect that once again.  It should be exciting to see how this trends the closer we get to March 22-23.  I went back to the blog on February 3, right after the last time the storm hit, and found this…

“I would expect this storm to return again, likely somewhere around March 22-25.  Let the anticipation begin!”

While the week ahead may be Spring-like, one blast of winter may be left for parts of the upper Midwest.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information, and please post and thoughts or questions to the comments section of the blog!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


8 Responses

  1. What are your thoughts on this ?????


    • Rich,

      Never say never, still lots to understand about the universe and space. But for our storm shortly after this, it will be the 4th go round so no surprise that it’s coming.


  2. Interesting video, Jeremy. I had not yet seen either of those. Did you see that daylight savings time will be arriving 1.6 microseconds earlier due to the earthquake? The shift in mass sped up the Earth’s rotation and the Earth’s axis also has shifted 10 inches. I found that to be pretty amazing.

    • MCI,

      Those videos are amazing no matter how many times I view them. The earthquake was a monster, and the shift of the axis continues to show its power.


  3. Do you think SE Wisconsin will just get a surplus of rain? Severe weather? Blizzard?

    • Chris,

      I’d lean more rain, then maybe a mix or some snow. As expected the long range models are all over the place. But I am confident a storm, likely with a good deal of precip will arrive around March 22-24.


  4. Hey Jeremy/Mark,

    Speaking of all over the place, right now the GFS is showing heavy precip north and west of SE Wisconsin, shortly followed by another area of heavy precip to the south…. are you thinking these two may combine and perhaps put us in the bullseye?


    • Dan,

      I just don’t think the models have a good idea all around for that time period yet. They do have a wet system around, which I believe, but yesterday’s 18Z GFS run was the most believable to this point for me.


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