First 60s! More Warm Days Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  It was nearly 4 months in the making, but temperatures reached 60 degrees in Milwaukee on Wednesday!  The last 60 degree reading in the city was back on November 22.  That day included a high of 65, but also severe weather in our area.

Wednesday’s weather was so great that I had the pleasure of working on a Spring fever story.  Below is a picture of the Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse and beautiful blue skies! 

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse

The surface map below shows the big ‘6-0’ in Milwaukee.  The red numbers are air temperatures at 3pm Wednesday, and the green numbers are the dew point values.  Notice parts of Nebraska had temperatures in the 70s.

Surface Map Wednesday March 16, 2011

Another round of 60s are possible on St. Patrick’s Day.  If temperatures climb to 63 or better, it would be one of the 5 warmest in the history of Milwaukee!  Here is a list of the top 5 warmest and coldest St. Patrick’s Days.

TEMP        YEAR                                          TEMP        YEAR
—-               —-                                                    —-              —-
75.0         2009                                               -7.0          1941
73.0         1966                                                 -3.0          1885
68.0         2003                                                0.0          1875
68.0        1945                                                   2.0          1900
63.0        1969                                                   2.0          1902 

More clouds are likely on Thursday, along with the clouds, spotty rain showers are also possible.  Rain totals do not look very impressive.  The latest 18Z NAM computer model shows trace amounts to about a tenth of an inch of rain around southeastern Wisconsin.

Rainfall Thursday March 17

The good news for St. Patrick’s Day is that you can leave the winter coat at home and dig out the Spring coat.  After the warm 60s, it looks like readings will settle back into the 50s to 40s.

Just another reminder to join the entire Weather Watch 12 team on Sunday, March 27 at Discovery World in Milwaukee for ‘Discovery Spring’.  The show runs from 1:30 to 3:00pm and will cover all aspects of severe weather with demonstrations and also video presentation.  We look forward to seeing you then!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


10 Responses

  1. How’s the signature storm looking? The last txtornado GFS I looked seemed to kick it more north again. Plus it is looking like that 540 line is pretty far up there too. And I reading that right? Such a beautiful day and I am looking at the negative storm…lol

    Have a great evening!

    • Craig,

      Models will be all over the place. I will start focusing on them by this weekend…especially Sunday.


  2. Jeremy- I really enjoy this blog. The insights go beyond what you could ever cover in 5 minutes on a newscast. I noticed today that Accu-Weather is predicting snow on March 25th for us. Do you see any snow makers in our forecast longer range? Mike

    • Mike,

      Thanks for reading the blog! I love talking about the weather and the blog provides an opportunity to give much more insight. I’m holding firm at this point that March 22-24 is the ‘signature’ storm and as the colder air moves in some snow may be possible. Not sold on what the models are advertising yet. Obviously with average highs in the 40s, snow is tougher to come by this time of year, so this should be more rain than snow. Certainly possible a majority is rain in our area.


  3. I checked the GFS temperature graphics on the RAP weather page and after the “signature storm” comes through temps are going to take a dump back into the 30’s on Wednesday and it looks like 20’s for Thursday yuck. Glad we might see 70’s the first week in April, I love this weather, Jeremy what locations in the US would have temps in the 60’s a good amount of the year, ie not to hot not to cold?

    • Bryan,

      To see temps consistent like that you may need to be by a body of water like the Pacific Ocean. Maybe San Diego or San Francisco? Somewhere in California at the right distance and elevation from the water you could find 60s almost year round.


    • That has to be some typical GFS cold bias. High temps not getting out of the 20s is pretty rare by that point. Possible… but I don’t recall any record setting cold following the signature storm the last few cycles.

      • I don’t know about record setting, but it did get quite cold shortly after the last signature storm, right? About a week after the storm, I believe.

      • Each time through it certainly did cool down…

      • Josh,

        Thank you so much for keeping such incredible track of temps and precipitation! What you have created is truly a beautiful thing that makes studying the LRC much easier! 😀 Many, many kudos to you!

        Dan K

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