Some Snow & Lots of Cold

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Now that we are just days into Spring, winter has made an appearance.  Cold temperatures, snow showers, and frigid winds will be the rule over the next 12 to 24 hours in southeast Wisconsin.

Heavy, wet snow has already blanketed central and northern Wisconsin.  Even some spots in our viewing area have recorded measurable snow from this storm.  Here are a few snow totals:

  • Near Hayward  12.0″
  • Green Bay  11.0″
  • Fond du Lac & Sheboygan  1″-2″
  • Port Washington  1.0″
  • Hartland  Dusting

Green Bay’s snow total includes 7.8″ which fell on Tuesday-March 22, that set a new daily snowfall record! 

On Tuesday afternoon I was in Port Washington after a quick slushy inch of snow fell.  I took this picture just off I-43.

Slush Port Washington Tuesday

Remember, if you take a picture we would love to see it, and it may appear on WISN 12 News.  Just post it to the U-Local section of

Through Wednesday morning Milwaukee reported all rain from this storm system, but even that will change to snow showers later Wednesday.  The precipitation totals from this storm were much as we expected, over a half inch in all locations.

  • Fond du Lac  0.86″
  • Racine  0.80″
  • Pleasant Prairie  0.77″
  • Sheboygan  0.75″
  • Milwaukee  0.75″
  • Jackson  0.72″
  • Kenosha  0.68″

If you have a total to share please post it to the comments section of the blog.  For the latest look at the interactive radar, and where the rain and snow is currently located, click here.

Moving forward the focus shifts to snow showers tonight, and a lot of cold in the coming days.  Temperatures may be cold enough to support some lake enhanced/effect snow showers.  Wind will be northeast, so this would favor our lakeshore counties.

Below is the RPM surface forecast at 9pm Wednesday.  The blue color represents snow.

RPM Snow Wednesday Night

Snow showers will be possible into early Thursday.  Snow accumulations from late Wednesday into early Thursday will likely range from a dusting to about 2″ across the area.  Greatest totals should stay closer to the lake in Sheboygan and Ozaukee counties. 

Once the snow showers end, cold weather will be the focus into this coming weekend.  Keep in mind that the average high in Milwaukee by this Friday and Saturday is 46 degrees!  Highs will be no one near the average.  Below is the NAM temperature forecast for Friday at 7pm.  Notice that temperatures are forecast to be in the 20s!

NAM Temperatures Friday

The cold weather will last through the weekend and into next week.  We do need to watch a storm system that will be very close to our area on Saturday.  Right now I think the northern edge could graze our area.  We’ll focus more on that in Thursday’s blog.

Make sure to let us know what you think of the cold and snow in the comments section of the blog. 

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. Jeremy you and Gary should patent the term “Signature Storm”. For example the Signature Storm for the 3rd cycle of the 2010-11 season is sponsored by Frosted Flakes! You guys could go commercial!

  2. Please keep us posted on the weeend storm..

    • Rich,

      The past 2 times in the cycle the next storm has either missed us or grazed the area. Missed in December and brought us 1.2″ of snow in February. Should be close again.


  3. Hi, Jeremy and Mark!

    Just a quick report from up here in Dodge County — the “signature storm” this time around did not seem to me to be nearly as “big a deal” as the December and February rounds. We just got rain, some thunder and lightning, and some sleet. We awoke to some very light “sneet” — that’s a mix of snow and sleet, but coverage was minimal and has since melted. The roads were slipper in some spots this early a.m. It was windy, but not nearly as windy as the previous two times through. I still didn’t get my rain guage out yet — this way I won’t have to worry about it cracking when it freezes tonight — but I have a friend who has his out and he reports about 3/4″ of rain. Has done nothing precip wise since early this a.m.

    All for now.

    Will stay tuned re: weekend.

    Don in Reeseville

    • Don,

      The ‘signature’ storm produced, but not a record setter for our area. Green Bay has snow totals now of 12″-14″, and tornadoes were reported in Iowa yesterday, with more severe weather in the Ohio Valley today. Clearly the most memorable of the ‘signature’ storms in my opinion were October 26 and Feb 1-2.

      Thanks for the weather reports and checking in!


    • This storm was certainly signature here in oshkosh. 3″ of sleet is difficult to move after it has settled for a few hours. Then coupled with thunderstorms that lasted hours and our east windows continually pounded by the sleet and the winds howling creeking the house… amost another 2″ today, but most impressive precip wise is the amount of precip the sleet melted down to this am at observation time, 1.63″ … awesome.

  4. Jeremy or Mark,
    Do you know when you will do your April projections? That made things so easy to plan ahead with. Big things in April like Opening Day ect.

    .72 inches of rain in my two digital rain gauges and roughly .75 in my glass rain gauge in the town of Jackson from the start of things to 3:15 when I checked.

    • Craig,

      I will start to work on the April forecast this weekend. I have already highlighted some of the important features in previous blogs, but it should be in the blog by next Wednesday at the latest.

      Thanks for the rain total!


  5. Wednesday, March 23, 2011 5:12 pm

    Rainfall update: additional rain since last update = 0.05 inches. Storm total now at 0.82 inches.

    The additional liquid precip is from a persistent but barely detectable mist/drizzle that has been occurring most of the time since my last update. As of 5pm, a changeover to small flake sized snow occurred. I’ve taken that as my cue to bring in my rain gauge!
    Lower level darker clouds are seen moving fairly rapidly from north to south. Estimating surface winds 10mph or less, also from north.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

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