Unusual Cold Stretch Ending Soon

Happy Monday, everyone. I want to reiterate what Jeremy said in the blog yesterday by thanking everyone who came out to the “Spring Discovery” program at Discovery World yesterday. It was a great crowd and the whole weather team enjoyed sharing video, experiments, trivia, and meeting many of you. We are looking forward to late fall for our next presentation and hope to see many of you there.

So, is anyone tired of the cold yet? Today makes seven days in a row with highs in the 30s. Having highs in the 30s is not unusual, but this many days in a row is an anomaly. Normally, in late March you get big swings in temperature. We can get highs in the 30s, but also highs in the 60s. We can thank an area of high pressure that has parked itself in central Canada.

This area of high pressure has moved very little in the last week. That is why we have had highs of 39, 33, 32, 34, 30, 33, and today’s high of 34. It was quite chilly this morning across our area and around the state. Take a look at the morning lows.

It was even colder up north.

The coldest spot was in Tomahawk where it dropped to -13. That is pretty brutal for this time of year.

Alas, the high pressure center can’t stay there forever. There is a warm-up on the way by the end of the week. Look at the expected highs on the GFS model for Sunday. We may actually hit 50 degrees.

Sunday could also bring a round of showers and thunderstorms.  We’ll keep a close eye on it here at Weather Watch 12. Before I wrap this up, I wanted to include a few pictures from Duluth after last week’s big storm. Duluth did not get much snow, but they did get some very strong winds that created some nice ice sculptures along the shoreline. Enjoy.

Have a great week. Think spring.



10 Responses

  1. Hey Mark,
    I was wondering if you knew if this recent cold snap will reduce the flood threat from southeastern Wisconsin. I know that our sump pumps that were humming every couple minutes are now up to a cozy 15 minutes and the snow pack is gone.

    Also, I had a little boy ask me today if the sun is closer to us in the winter time how come it is cold, and with the sun is further away how come it is warm? And to be honest, I don’t know.


    PS: Opening Day forecast looking ok? I am thinking spring and already worrying about how bad my golf game is going suffer over this extended break.

    • Craig,

      The dry stretch has helped reduce our flood threat for now, but all rivers are still running high and our soil is saturated. Any big rains would still cause a problem.

      As for the sun, it is true the sun is closer to the earth during our winter, but this only makes a small amount of greater radiation hitting the earth. The real reason for our seasons is that the earth is tilted at 23.5 degrees. When the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun (during our winter), we are cold. When we are tilted toward the sun, it is warm. (our summer.)

      As for opening day, it is looking pretty raw to me. Windy and cold. Temps will like be around 40 at first pitch.


  2. First two storms in the first two weeks of April look impressive. Must monitor…

  3. I am worried that we will see a lot of the NE/East wind this Spring, and thus stay chilled in the Milwaukee area. Just seemed to be the pattern over the Winter and still continuing now. I, and all of us, got spoiled last year. I wish every Spring could be like that one. This can be a trying place to live in when you are tired of the long winters.

  4. Tony, I recall us discussing some research I was doing on previous years attempting to find the LRC. I finally completed it and posted the results on my blog. Check it out if you’re interested!


  5. @ Josh Hey Josh, copied and saved your message. Big Thanks!! I’m really interested in seeing what you came up with. I’ve visited your blog a few times. Pretty nice! I’ll try to post something to you in the not too distant future. Thanks again for remembering me.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  6. I just want to pull my hair out reading Skilling talking about days 11-15 being below normal because the GFS long range said so. We all know what will be happening in that time frame and it will be far from below normal.

    • Daniel,

      I don’t know if Tom Skilling has ever heard about the LRC or is interested in it. The long range GFS can be laughable at times. It certainly has not done a good job of picking up on the expected warm-up.


  7. Daniel I know how you feel, the GFS hasn’t picked up on the LRC indicated warm up yet. Hopefully the software get’s it’s act together and we see the warm up soon, I am starting to get nervous because as of right now I am less then impressed with what I am seeing.

    • Bryan,

      The 18Z GFS is showing the warm-up around the 8th. Guessing it will show up better the closer we get. I’ve learned to trust the LRC, and doubt the GFS:)


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