Milwaukee Hail Pictures & More Strong Storms Possible

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  A crazy day of weather kicked off Sunday morning with a hailstorm over a large part of southeast Wisconsin. 

The good news was the hail was below severe levels in almost all areas, generally in the size range of a pea to dime.  An intense thunderstorm slid through parts of Dodge, Waukesha, Washington, and Milwaukee counties between 11am and Noon.  The storm produced heavy rain and hail for about 10-20 minutes.  That was enough to cover the ground in many areas, and create headaches on the roads.  I saw 4 cars in the ditch in Waukesha county just before Noon on my way to work!

Below is a picture of not snow, but hail covering the roads in Milwaukee.  This picture was taken at Wisconsin and Wells.  The slushy hail must have been an inch to inch and a half deep on the roads.

Milwaukee Hail Picture April 3 

Another great picture was sent in from a viewer Matthew Krysinski who is a student at UW-Milwaukee.  This picture looks like winter…but it’s hail covering the ground!

UW Milwaukee Hail April 3, 2011

The next picture comes from Hartland, WI.  These plants were covered in pea size hail.

Hartland Hail April 3

While temperatures were in the 30s in Milwaukee at 1pm, readings were already into the 60s in northern Illinois.  The question for the next round of possible storms this evening is how far north will the warm air move?

At 1pm it was 39 in Milwaukee, and 65 in Chicago!  The warm air is surging north, but it will get cut-off somewhere over southeast Wisconsin.  I think areas like Lake Geneva, Kenosha, and maybe Racine sneak into the 60s.  Milwaukee will likely stay in the 50s. 

Below is the surface map at 1pm Sunday.  The red numbers are air temperatures, and the green numbers the dew point.  Notice the air temperatures in the 70s over northwest IL!

Surface Map April 3, 2011

Now check out the tempeature spread at 4pm Sunday…a difference of 50 degrees from Milwaukee to St. Louis!  Incredible!

Sunday 4pm Temperatures April 3

As the triple point(low pressure, warm front, and cold front) converges on southern Wisconsin this evening, another round of thunderstorms is possible.  The timing looks to be in around 7pm to 2am.  Any storms that form will have the potential to turn severe.

Below is the convective outlook for the rest of today(Sunday).  This has most of southeast Wisconsin in a ‘slight risk’ area for the possibility of severe weather.  An increased ‘moderate risk’ of severe weather lies near Kansas City.

Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook

If severe weather develops large hail and strong winds are possible.  With the triple point nearby any storms that can become surface based may produce isolated tornadoes.  Something we will keep a very close eye on today!

Make sure to post your storm reports and pictures to either the comments section of the blog, to the U-Local section of or email photos to

Please stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 for severe weather updates at anytime.  Also, check out 12 News at 5:30 & 10pm for in-depth analysis.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. I guess your forecast model that put mid 80s in Iowa yesterday wasn’t overdoing the warming after all. As unfortunate as it is to not get in on the warm air that Chicago is getting, at least we didn’t get the 90 degree temps that St Louis and KC are being burdened with. Certainly don’t want to have to deal with that before June.

  2. All I have to say is, WOW.

    90F in KC and STL. *sheesh*

    Just now, chatting with my in-laws that live in STL, I was shocked when they said it was 90. I had to actually check the Internet.

    • The temperature spread today is crazy! I would take 90 over 40 anyday:)


      • But you can dress for 40. You can’t do anything except bake in 90 and there’s no relief via swimming pools in April around here.

      • Ha! I am not an extreme heat person. I would rather “deal” with a 40 degree day than a 90 degree day. 🙂

  3. Wow the storms are really firing up over Iowa already! Should be interesting tonight. Probably a good idea to shut my computers down 🙂 Incredible how even Rockford is 74 while we’re hangin around 42 LOL!

    • Dan,

      Unless the warmer air moves farther north the storms will have a hard time moving north of the stateline.


  4. Some nice swaths of hail through the KC area. Topped out in the low 90s with a bit of compressional heating…now it is in the low 50s and raining. Many of us had hail from golfball to baseball today. Not quite as much/long as Milwaukee – but a bit bigger for a shorter duration. Already eyeing next weekend…

    • Around Madison golf ball to baseball size hail was reported. That’s huge for this part of the country! Only time I remember hail like that was April 13, 2006 when I was in Madison. That time it was my car zero, hail 1.


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