30 Degree Temperature Drop & April 10 Recap

Holy, moly! What a difference a day makes. Wednesday’s high was 66 degrees. This afternoon our temperatures were only in the 30s and to make it worse, the wind has been strong. Wind chills are currently in the 20s. Our spring can be cruel. We get teased with nice weather and then get bounced back to reality. This time of year when the wind blows this strong off of Lake Michigan we are all in trouble. Even inland. Look at the lake temperatures.

This product is derived from satellite interpretation. It is not perfectly accurate, but is usually pretty close. Most of the lake right now is in the mid to upper 30s. The wind will get even stronger tomorrow. We are under a wind advisory from 10am-10pm Friday. Some wind gusts will likely be over 40mph. The strongest winds will be near the lake where there is less friction. The highs will be lucky to get to the low 40s on Friday.

I want to recap the tornado outbreak last Sunday. It is now a record-setting outbreak with 11 confirmed tornadoes. Thankfully, most of those storms missed populated areas. Merrill took the worst hit with an EF3 tornado that stayed on the ground for 22 miles. The damage estimates are over 10 million dollars. Here is a list and map of the tornadoes on Sunday.

Time  (PM CDT)
Max Wind
Eau Claire
5SW Augusta
3.5SW Augusta
1.5 miles
105 mph
Eau Claire
1.3 NW Augusta
2NNW Augusta
¾ mile
100 mph
1N Hamburg
Near Gleason
22 miles
1/4 mile
140 mph
3W Arkdale
5.5NW Coloma
17 miles
800 yds
125 mph
2.4 SSW Necadah
3.5 ESE Necadah
4.5 miles
150 yds
95 mph
Adams – Waushara
6SW Hancock
2SE Hancock
9.3 miles
100 mph
715 pm
West Bloomfield
8+ miles
200 yds
100 mph
3 SE Argonne
2E Newald
10 miles
600 yds
115 mph
Waushara- Winnebago
Poy Sippi
2W Windchester
14.8 miles
150 yds
105 mph
4W Armstrong Creek
1NW Armstrong Creek
3.2 miles
250 yds
105 mph
Kaukauna (sw)
Kaukauna (s)
1.6 miles
150 yds
120 mph
1 S Greenleaf
1 S Greenleaf
1.1 miles
75 yds
95 mph


I will be watching the high-resolution satellite images to see if the scars of the tornado are visible with trees knocked down. I want to share a few more pictures of the tornadoes. The first two are from the Merrill tornado.

Note the big differences between the two pictures. The second is from either the genesis or the dissapating stage of the tornado. I believe this is when the tornado was starting to weaken as it moved northeast of Merrill.

Finally, I wanted to share one of Jake Stehli’s pictures that he posted on our Facebook page. He was very close to the Adams and Juneau county tornadoes. He would have been even closer if he did not get stuck in a traffic jam on I-90/94. It is very fortunate that the tornado did not travel through this area. This is always a fear of mine that there will be a traffic jam and a tornado moves in. Thankfully, that did not happen here, but it was a few miles from being a much more tragic story. It is great news that no one was killed or seriously injured in the outbreak.

I’m sure most of you heard the sirens today. It is tornado and severe weather awareness day in Wisconsin. Now is the time to make sure you have an emergency plan for your family and also make sure you have a weather radio.

Have a great night and stay warm.



11 Responses

  1. I love your temps forecast, the others have temps in the 40’s next week. Are the models showing warmer temps for next week then a few days ago?

    • Models are all trending north with the next low on Tuesday. That would bring us warmer weather. The last low did the same thing. If it goes far enough north we have to watch out for storms.


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  3. Great post, Mark! When do you think the rain will start today?

    • Thanks, Dan,

      Rain starts around 5.


  4. When is it finally going to warm up and stay warm?? 🙂

  5. Rainfall report:

    Started raining around 3pm here. As of 5:20pm, have received 0.20 inches. Presently getting steady rain with some wind, but not enough to say it’s really windy.
    Will try to provide an update around 9:30pm

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks, Tony.

  6. I have a quick question about the average number of tornadoes for Wisconsin. I know the average is 21 tornadoes per year for Wisconsin, but over what time period is this average calculated, last 20 years? 30 years? The average has stayed the same for many years and with 2005 having a tornado count around 60 and last year in the 40s, i am just wondering why the average hasn’t been adjusted yet. Thanks for your time!

    • Good question. I believe the tornado numbers are recalculated every ten years using 30 years of data. That is how the average highs and lows are done. I will double check with NWS. Thanks.

      • The new 30 yr avgs come out in july if I am not mistaken. Looking forward to it

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