Rainy & Raw Start To Weekend

This is ugly. Not the nicest Friday night in Milwaukee. Rain, wind, and cold. Just two days ago it was 66 degrees and on Sunday it was 84 degrees. It makes this kind of weather very tough to take. It’s a good night to keep checking our interactive radar on wisn.com. The quick way is wisn.com/irad. Check out the picture of some snow mixing in earlier today in Hartford.

Thank you to Jake Stehli sending this picture to our Weather Watch 12 Facebook page. Look closely at the tree and you can see the specs of white. The snowflakes had to be large enough to make it through the warmer air at the surface. The temperature at the time of this picture was around 40 degrees. This again proves it does not have to be freezing or below to get snow. Thankfully, it did not stick.

We have had a little bit of everything today in our weather today. Rain, storms, small hail and even a little snow. Lightning strikes being blamed for a house fire in West Allis and a big power outage in Wauwatosa today. I personally thought the lightning would stay to our south, but there is enough instability aloft to create the storms. The air near the surface is quite stable with our temps near 40 and the wind howling off of the lake. However, if you were to go up a few thousand feet the temperatures are warmer and the air is more unstable. We could still have an isolated storm later this evening, but thankfully the nasty severe weather will stay well to our south.

There have been 67 reports of tornadoes so far today and there will be more tonight. This major outbreak started yesterday in SE Oklahoma where two people were killed. Seven more fatalities happened last night in Arkansas. It is going to be a long and dangerous night in the Southeast.

Our forecast is not too pretty for the start of the weekend, but the rain won’t last into Sunday. Here is the RPM computer model forecast for 1pm Saturday afternoon.

The rain should taper off early in the afternoon as dry air wraps in from the west around the area of low pressure. The wind will pick up during the day and be gusty out of the west. Not quite as windy as today, but I would not be surprised with 40 mph gusts. We may actually get a few snowflakes tomorrow afternoon. The snow will actually accumulate in the Northwestern part of Wisconsin. Here is the snow forecast on our high-resolution computer model.

The Superior area may pick up 2-4″ of wet snow. Thankfully, Sunday’s weather will be much better. It will still be breezy, but with some sunshine and westerly winds, we should warm into the low to mid 50s. Have a great weekend and stay dry.



8 Responses

  1. “It will still be breezy, but with some sunshine and westerly winds, we should warm into the low to mid 40s.”

    I hope you meant 50s.

    • Woops. Yes, I meant 50s. Thanks, Daniel.


  2. Friday, April 15, 2011

    Hi Mark,

    Rainfall update & comments:

    As of 9:20pm, total rainfall of 0.65 inches.

    Wind started to pick up (from the east) a bit around 7:35pm. Heard some thunder (1 instance) around 8:05pm. Nothing since. Have had a few brief instances of heavier rain but all short of what I would consider a downpour. My wind estimate is, not much, if anything, greater than 25mph. Mostly a steady wind without ‘gusting’.
    I’m going to leave the rain pile up in the gauge, see what the radar looks like in the morning, and then post an update and or final total for this event.
    Just as I’m about to post this, getting a bit heavy rain, a small flash of lightning and a bit of thunder.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks, Tony.


  3. We need to learn to manipulate the jet stream and keep it north of wisconsin the whole year, that would be sweet.

  4. Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Rainfall update: Total since 3pm yesterday: 1.03 inches. Of that, 0.38 inches during the past 12 hours. Present conditions: light rain, light westerly wind, and it seems there might also be some very light fog present.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Tony, it just finished snowing here. Was coming down steady for an hour or two. No accum though. It was nice, we took a short walk.

      • Hi Josh,

        Good to hear from you. Good to hear you’re taking some time from your weather studies/watching for a bit of recreation. Just checked and see you’ve made a new blog entry that includes some storm info & pictures. Will be taking a closer look later today and maybe posting a comment. We’ll see.

        Tony (Pl. Prairie)

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