April Is A Cruel Month

The daffodils are looking sad. I think this is matching the mood of much of our area. April is a tough month to take around here. We get teased with nice weather only to get that followed up by a week of cold, rain, and snow. A thank you to Vallenphotog on ulocal for the daffodil picture. I want to share a few more photos from this morning’s snow and get everyone prepared for the possibility of more. If we get more than a trace of snow tomorrow in Milwaukee we will set a new daily record for snowfall. That certainly is possible, but the best chance of snow will be in our northern counties. Here is the latest RPM forecast for snowfall. Note how close the accumulating snow is to our area.

Much of the state is under a winter storm watch. None of our counties are included.

I believe the metro area will stay mainly rain throughout the day on Tuesday, but eventually change over to light snow late Tuesday night. 1″-3″ of snow is likely in Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge counties with less than one inch from Waukesha to Milwaukee south.

Forgive the super short post. I have been working on our new set tonight and look forward to showing you pictures very soon.



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  1. Certainly a far cry from the 63 degree forecast you issued for tomorrow during the broadcast last Friday night. If the forecast models were people instead of computers, I imagine they’d be fired by now.

    I look at last spring’s warm weather as a loan we took out and now the collectors want it all back this year. Simply rough stuff, but it looks like we turn the corner starting this weekend into next week.

    • Daniel,

      I put that terrible forecast directly on my shoulders. I was buying into the models continuing there trend of bringing the low farther north with each model run. Bad move on my part. I’ll only be off by about 30 degrees. The good news is the severe storms stay south.

      • It happens. Tomorrow as we will be near the warm front, we could have up to a 30 degree spread near the KC metro. Doesn’t matter what number you throw out – half the city will think you are nuts.

  2. Mark or Jeremy, can one of you post the link to the very first blog entry on this blog regarding the LRC? I’ve been digging, but would like a definite answer. Great archives, by the way.

    Daniel G, last April was off the hook. Even this April is above average in temperature here in Oshkosh. I am digging the typical cool and wet April weather of late.

    • Josh,

      I believe Jeremy first introduced the LRC on December 12, 2009. I could not find the link. Maybe Jeremy can have better luck linking to this.


  3. Hi, Can you please advise on what to do when thunder is heard and the kids are playing soccer? The rule is that until the ref sees lightening, the game is not called, but the NWS says if you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightening. As a new Kickers coach, and a mom of 3, 6-17, I want to lobby for a change in rules.

    • Emily,

      This is always a tough one. To be completely safe, if you hear thunder, you should exit the field. This is truly the safest rule, but you will certainly get resistance. I would lobby for this rule to be implemented. Not popular, but safest. Thanks for the note.

  4. I wish global warming meant temperatures 5-6 degrees above average December-April here consistently.

    • Bryan, you could find that w/o wishing harm to the masses. Just move a bit south into a different climate classification. Like, say, middle IA, IL, IN, OH. It’s just a couple hours away from MKE.

  5. Are we still on track with the LRC?
    I’ve lost track with the day after day after day of crummy weather. What period are we in with this storm?

    • Dave, we are always on track with the LRC. For an up to date analysis you can view http://www.osnw3lrc.blogspot.com it’s my journal of learning the LRC. For what its worth.

  6. Weather watcher Don reporting from Reeseville, Dodge County —

    Once again, we’ve had it all so far. Rain started overnight, early a.m. saw rain mixed w/ heavy wet snow flakes, then mid a.m. saw change-over to all wet snow; now since Noon we’re getting light sleet, drizzle {frizzle?}, and a few snowflakes. There is wet snow on all non-pavement surfaces, while paved surfaces are covered with thick slush. Yuck!

    As per usual, all the accumulation forecast maps I’ve seen put our area of Dodge County smack on the line between 1-3 and 3-6 for total accumulation of “stuff” by Weds. a.m.

    Mark, Jeremy, or anybody — can you pin down the accumulation total more specifically for the area where I’m in?

    Will report more later if conditions warrant —


    • I can’t give you a firm answer to the amounts you can expect (especially with how often the precip keeps changing), but whenever I am on the line like you are I take a middle of the road approach and in this case it would be 2-4.

  7. Heard some rumbles of thunder in Fond du Lac @3:20 this afternoon. We have about 1-2 inches of snow on the grassy areas and 1/4 – 1/2 inch slush. It was all snow this morning then turned to rain/sleet this afternoon. My wife is a CPA and was looking forward to a nice “day after” Tax season. Oh well….

  8. Measured 3.0″ of new snow at 4:15pm in Oshkosh at OSNW3. Currently snowing with frequent thunder.

    • Thundersnow! The weather has been pretty crazy the past few days.


  9. Tuesday, April 19, 2011 4:37 pm

    Rainfall report: Sorry, missed whatever came down 12am – 9am. 9am – 4:30pm amount is 0.40 inches. Presently have very light rain/drizzle. Light NE wind.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

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