Rain, Sleet, and Snow – Oh My!

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information!***

A late season ‘winter’ storm took aim on the area Tuesday.  The precipitation ranged from snow to sleet to rain.  And thunderstorms even produced hail in some areas!

At 7pm on Tuesday, Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport was reporting a temperature of 34 degrees with a thunderstorm!  Locations just northwest of the metro were reporting snow.  Below is the surface map at 7pm Tuesday.  The ‘**’ symbol represents snow.

Surface Map April 19 at 7pm

The U-Local section of WISN.com has many pictures from Tuesday’s crazy weather.  This photo from Mauthe Lake, near Campbellsport, shows campers enjoying the spring weather.  Snow and sleet totals on Tuesday in this area were around 2 to 3 inches. 

Mauthe Lake Snow April 19, 2011

Jim Hoth of Green Lake reported just over 3″ of snow by late Tuesday afternoon.  And here is the picture to support that report!

Green Lake Snow April 19

Here are some of the snow and sleet totals through early Tuesday evening, April 19.  If you have a total to share please post it to the comments section.

  • Beaver Dam  3.0″
  • Green Lake & Ripon  3.0″
  • Oshkosh  3.0″
  • Juneau  2″-3″
  • Lomira  2.0″
  • New Holstein  2.0″
  • Grafton  1.0″
  • Hartland  0.3″-0.5″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport  Trace (Ties the daily snowfall record of a trace set in 1990)

The storm produced mainly sleet and rain in Milwaukee and other areas south of the city.  Here is the precipitation total for a few locations.

  • Pleasant Prairie  1.10″
  • Greenfield  0.87″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport  0.67″

The rain/mix will change to all snow across the region overnight, but little to no additional snow accumulation is expected.  Flurries will linger into Wednesday morning.  Just click below to see the most recent radar image.  You can zoom the radar right down to where you live.

Interactive Radar

Any sleet or snow in Milwaukee will stay below one inch from this storm.  Totals of 3 to 6 inches are possible in parts of Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties.  But overall most northern areas should fall into the 3 to 5 inch range. 

After a breezy and chilly day Wednesday, a little sun and temperatures back into the mid-40s will return on Thursday.  The brief break from ‘lousy’ weather will be short-lived.  Another storm will push in for Friday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms, but hopefully no snow this time!

That storm over the Rockies is shown below on the forecast surface map valid at 7pm Thursday. 

Surface Map Thursday

We’ll talk more about that storm and the weekend in the blog on Wednesday.  In the meantime, please continue to post your storm reports in the comments section of the blog, along with any thoughts.

Watch 12 News at 10pm Tuesday, and starting at 4:30am Wednesday as we track the wintry mix and snow!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


15 Responses

  1. I know it can snow this late in the season, but I wonder if we have ever had three separate systems produce the white stuff this far into spring just as this past week has done.

    • Daniel,

      That’s a good question…would be tough to find out just off the observations. Would have to look at surface maps and low tracks too.


  2. Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:30 pm

    Rainfall report: (9am – 9:30pm ) = 1.10 Inches.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

  3. 6.4″ of new snow as of 9:53pm at OSNW3. 7th greatest Oshkosh snowfall in the month of April. Full report http://osnw3.blogspot.com/

    This is truly a great snow storm. Enjoying every minute possible.

    • Josh,

      Glad you are enjoying it and that the snow snow stayed north:) Snow on the north side of the storm, and another huge severe weather outbreak over the Midwest and Mississippi Valley.


      • Jeremy, were there any reports of severe weather in SE WI today? I saw a few reports of hail… your forecast verified. 🙂

        “April 18-21

        This time period could bring the first dose of severe weather to or very close to southeast Wisconsin.”

        Looks like some very intense rain and storms rolling through lower MI to AR.

      • Jeremy, before I forget again, can you dig up your first LRC entries in the WeatherWatch12 blog? I am trying to gather writings about LRC theory and history. I’ve already got gobs of Scott, Ed, Jeff, and Gary’s and now I am looking for yours. I will admit, I am being lazy by asking… thanks in advance??? 🙂

      • “April 18-21

        Previous parts of the pattern have had a southwest flow aloft, and also warmer surface temperatures. The above average surface temperatures in previous cycles have only lasted a couple of days.”

        Partial verification. Like I said a few days ago, I think the jet stream has more impact on temperatures than the LRC.


        “Really incredible that the three previous parts of the cycle all had above average temperatures!”

        Won’t seem so incredible after this round of the cycle wraps up.

      • Daniel,

        Through yesterday the average monthly temperature was right at 0.0 We’ll see what happens the rest of April. If we end up just below average that is still very close to the forecast. Again, I think this month turns out close to the forecast.

        You forgot to credit the forecast for calling for the severe weather outbreak that occurred yesterday. It didn’t hit our area, but did occur. Make sure to add the hits with the ‘misses’.

        Keep in mind with seasonal effects not every part of the pattern will look exactly alike at the surface. But if I just did a 500mb forecast I’m guessing it wouldn’t interest very many people:)


    • Very cool, Josh! I would’ve loved it, but I wouldnt want to do any more shoveling, so I guess I’m glad it stayed up by you 😀

      • Dan, yeah, I am not looking forward to removing this snow in morning. In the end though, it will be a great work out and the piles left behind will be awed at by our out of town guests arriving Thursday night. 🙂

  4. Long range GFS giving us a nice warm up in about a week, snow after March 31st should be illegal.

  5. Jeremy- What is the outlook for Friday morning and early afternoon traveling toward Minneapolis? Do we need to worry about snow with this new system on Friday? Mike

  6. Wednesday, April 20, 2011 1:00 pm

    Rainfall report:

    Picked up another 0.10 inch from the time of my last update. It was still raining at the time I made that update and maybe some additional overnight. Anyway, my final total for this event beginning from 9am yesterday is 1.20 inches.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Tony,

      Thanks for the update and keeping us posted yesterday.


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