Next Storm Arrives Friday

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Winter just doesn’t want to give up.  A trace or more of snow has been reported in Milwakuee four of the past five days. 

Record snows hit the region on Tuesday.  Milwaukee picked up 0.1″ of snow, not a lot, but good for a daily record for April 19.  Green Bay saw a whopping 10.1″, the biggest one day snow this late in the season.

As I stepped out the door this morning snow and sleet still covered the mulch in my yard near Hartland.  The Daffodils were certainly hoping for more ‘typical’ spring weather to return soon.

Daffodils In Snow April 20

While it won’t be as cold in the coming days, readings will remain below average.  The RPM temperature forecast map for Thursday shows readings inland sneaking into the low 50s, but likely staying in the 40s along the lakeshore.

The cooler readings near Lake Michigan will be attributed to east to southeast winds blowing over the chilly waters.

While Thursday will be dry, it won’t last long.  Low pressure will push into the Midwest on Friday.  This will help to produce another round of showers and thunderstorms in our area.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 for the timing of the showers and thunderstorms on Friday.  We are also tracking a warm-up in the next 7 days that may push highs back into the 60s!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


13 Responses

  1. First off, in regards to your comment about “hits and misses” from the last blog, I know your LRC forecasts have had a lot more hits than misses. In fact, what you did earlier in the month when you were forecasting the 70 degree high on the signature warm up day while the competitors were all around 50-55 was very impressive and a good way to show just how convinced you are in this theory.

    I guess I’m just frustrated that a month that was supposed to have some promise of decent temperatures has turned into this nightmare. My ideal temperature range is 55-75 and I just fear we’re going to jump right over this into the heat of summer late in May like has happened many times before.

    Anyway, onto the topic about Green Bay’s snow… didn’t they already set the record for the number of 10+ inch events in one winter season by having three of them and now they just extended it to four. I imagine this is one winter they will talk about for years to come.

    • Daniel,

      I’m guessing the 10+ record was extended. I haven’t looked into that yet. With the most recent snow I think Green Bay is now at the 3rd snowiest season on record. And keep in mind the ‘signature’ storm of February 1-2 basically missed that area, at least compared to what Milwaukee saw.

      Sometimes it is a matter of perception versus reality. For example, the past parts of the cycle that fall into the 30 days with above average temperatures has always included the ‘big warm-up’ feature that was here on April 10. With that said, the few days of warm weather is generally so far above average it can cancel out a number of ‘cooler’ days.

      In looking at areas near Milwaukee, through yesterday Madison, Chicago, and La Crosse were all at least +1 degree above average for the month. Milwaukee was right on average. The lake has played a part in keeping us slightly cooler, maybe something I’ll take into effect when a similar part occurs in the future.


    • Daniel, regarding your statement in the last blog entry “I think the jet stream has more impact on temperatures than the LRC.”

      The way I see, the LRC is the recognition of cycling atmospheric patterns. It has less to do with how cold or warm or rainy or snowy a certain part of the pattern will be. Seasonal affects, such as this cold air invading the area, is due to the position of the storm as it moved through. Which, in each of the previous cycles has brought colder than average air into the region. This time, just a little more extreme as average temperatures are warmer. I would bet when this pattern repeats in June, even more people will be complaining about the weather. Temps in the 50’s with an all day rain in mid June? Sounds like relief from the 80’s and dewpoints in 60’s the quick warm up, like Apr 10, will bring in late May early June. Just my two cents. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

  2. Hi Jeremy~

    I’m wondering if there will be a dry spell in the extended forecast? It feels like we are on track for way above average rainfall for April. Could this mean that we are going to have another record setting summer for rain? I hope not!

    • Lori,

      Remember how many times it snowed in January? We are in the active part of the pattern, which will continue to the signature storm around May 9-13. I expect the active weather to continue, but at least I think we begin to warm up a bit soon.

      While I don’t see a record amount of rain this summer, I also don’t see it being very warm like last summer. Coming up in the next week or so I will issue the long range forecast for summer. Thanks for checking in.


  3. I have heard -read spring will be slow to arrive …And Summer will be on the cool side …With winter returning a bit earlier…Sorry !!!

    This will affect the growing season for crops …

    May not be long enough..

    • The first part of that could certainly be true, but I don’t think the timing of the following winter’s start is affected given that there is a new LRC cycle started in autumn that is totally unrelated to this spring.

      I would caution the thought that summer doesn’t have the potential to be very warm because look at how hot is already is getting in areas like St Louis. When the jet stream lifts in late spring and early summer that is the type of weather we will probably be getting hit with and that also includes the potential for some severe weather outbreaks like they have been seeing recently.

      • Well I was referencing the Northern Plains ,upper Mid-West area !!
        I do worry about the crops season as stated above..
        I base my info on a reliable source who predicted the snow that showed up (this was about a month ago). and the severe weather out breaks…He also said we may not see our last frost until after May 10..Which leads to my crop worries..
        This may hurt our economy Food (growing and harvesting)and fuel(heating) wise… I hope it is not all that bad !!

      • Rich,

        I think mid-May does hold a chance for a late frost/freeze if the cold air follows behind the signature storm. Keep in mind we would need a night with clear skies and nearly calm winds to maximize cooling. Something to keep a close eye on though.


      • Daniel,

        I do think parts of the pattern support severe weather. So it could be very active with certain parts of the pattern.

        Keep in mind the long term longwave positions are not changing. So any storm system will want to fall into the same parts of the country. That is why we see storms systems continue to repeat in the same areas with results very similar.

        That is one reason I don’t see this being a hot summer. To the south of us in parts of the central and southern Plains, and mid-Mississippi river valley the odds are much better for a warmer than average summer.

        In the Milwaukee area I would be surprised if we see our average number of 90 degrees days.


  4. Please don’t tell me it’s going to be another non-summer along the lines of 2004: 49 degrees at noon on the opening day of Summerfest 2004; highs routinely in the 60’s in July and August with nights in the 40’s and low 50’s]. 😦

    • That year had a lot of 80+ highs too though (44 in total)… so there was something for everyone.

      • We need to hire you and Josh for research. Thanks.


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