‘Egg’cellent Easter Forecast

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Happy Easter to you and your family!  Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Weather Watch 12 blog.  Dry days have been rare this month, but somehow we lucked out and dry weather landed on Easter weekend.  In this blog entry we’ll take a look at the ‘egg’cellent weather for Easter, and also the ‘rotten’ weather for early this week.

Let’s start with a picture that was posted on the U-Local section of WISN.com  This is Casey the Easter cat, not sure Casey was thrilled with the bunny ears.  The picture was likely photo shopped, but still made me smile.

Casey Easter Cat

Weatherwise for Sunday, clouds to start, then a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast.  More sun the farther north you travel in the state.  Temperatures will also vary.  With a general eastern wind lakeshore locations will be cooler, low 50s for highs.  By afternoon the lakeshore areas may fall back a couple of degrees, where inland areas will warm well into the 50s, and some spots around 60.

Below is the RPM temperature forecast map at 3pm Sunday.  Notice the 60 degree readings near Watertown, Janesville, and Madison.

RPM Temperatures Easter Sunday

Not only mild, but dry!  Sunday will mark the second time in the last two weeks that Milwaukee has recorded consecutive dry days.  Overall it has been a wet and dreary month.

The trend will continue early this week with more rain in the forecast.  Low pressure will push north late Monday and into Tuesday.  The forecast position of the low, along with the associated rain from the RPM computer model is shown below.  This map is valid at 6am Tuesday.  At this time a steady rain could be falling in parts of southeast Wisconsin.  If you are looking to do some yard work, I recommend completing it by Monday afternoon.

RPM Rain Forecast Tuesday

The storm system could produce another 0.50″+ of rain for parts of our area.  Warmer temperatures will push our way by late in the week with highs well into the 60s possible, maybe even around 70!

Have a happy Easter and make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section of the blog.

Jeremy Nelson


3 Responses

  1. Do you expect a warm-up next weekend? Is it part of the pattern?

    • Robert,

      I’m going to issue the summer forecast this week, it will include May. Any warm-ups in the short term will not last long.


  2. I just have a bad feeling about this summer… like the “Summer That Wasn’t Summer 2009. We’ve already been robbed of April, and May isn’t looking any better. 😦 I’m not asking for 80’s everyday in May, just a string of days we can put the umbrella away and take off the jackets and gloves!

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