Few Showers & ‘Signature’ Storm Lurks

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Now on to our weather.  After a BEAUTIFUL day on Wednesday, you guessed it, more clouds and showers are on the way.  Thursday should start dry, but then scattered showers will begin to move from west to east across the area by afternoon and evening.

The latest data, the 18Z NAM, shows showers across much of Wisconsin by 7pm Thursday.  Please don’t cancel your outdoor plans on Thursday, but have an umbrella with, and also a plan ‘B’ ready if the rain reaches your backyard!  The green areas below indicate rain.

NAM Surface Thursday May 5

The rain may be more of a nuisance than anything.  Rain totals do not look too impressive with this round of showers.  The RPM, a high resolution computer model is showing totals of around a tenth of an inch or less in many areas.

RPM Rainfall Thursday

If you are curious, the biggest part of our cycling weather pattern will return next week.  The ‘signature’ storm!  The models are beginning to pick up on this feature, one that we pinpointed would occur around May 9-13 back in March.  Below is the GFS model’s forecast version of the storm next Wednesday at 7pm.  This shows low pressure over Kansas, with strong high pressure near the U.S.-Canadian border.

Signature Storm May 11

A lot can and will change between now and next week on the models.  But one thing I’m certain, this will be another memorable storm for parts of the nation’s mid-section!  Here in Wisconsin it will be wet, but will severe storms accompany this ‘signature’ storm?

For updates on the rain for Thursday, and a look ahead to next week, watch WISN 12 News.

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Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. I had a question, and I figured I’d ask here. Im a high school student, going in to 11th grade, and I applied for the Penn State Weather Camp. I was hoping to get in the advanced camp, but applications are filled up. My choices now are to go to the normal camp and pay the cost out of pocket, or wait for next year and hope for better results then. Is it better to take what I’m given now, or hope to get in next year? I would really appreciate some input.

    • Robert,

      I’m not familiar with the specific program you are referencing. I would say anything you can do to enhance your weather knowledge before college is recommended.

      Just keep in mind when you get into college it is a lot of Calculus before you get to do the weather classes. My core Meteorology classes were not until my junior and senior year.

      Keep us posted!


  2. Hi, Jeremy and Mark!

    GUESS WHAT?? I took Mark’s advice from the 10 p.m. show Weds. that we should do outdoor things Thurs. a.m. So I did! Got my asparagus be cleaned up and found all kinds of new growth for this season! And I stayed dry!!! You guys have never led me astray! THANKS LOTS!

    In preparation for upcoming precip, I also put out my rain gauge put up for the season too. So now I can give you even more reports! Lucky you 🙂

    Today’s inquiries –As we get closer to Saturday, what’s the rain chances looking like? Jeremy, remember, that’s the day we have that brat fry in Beaver Dam.

    Also, RE: sig storm — we’re in Appleton Monday Noon through Wed. Noon for a conference. Will the sig. storm have taken hold on that area by then, or are you thinking later on Wednesday, like after we get back home?

    As always, thanks for the opportunity to “chat”. I think it’s really cool!


    • Don,

      Thanks for the note. I hope you enjoyed the sun this morning. Saturday’s rain chances for you are very low. A sprinkle maybe…best chance would be in the afternoon.

      As for signature storm…should arrive on Wednesday with thunderstorms across the state. Timing is still a little too early to tell.

      Have a good weekend.


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