“Signature” Storm Lurks

One of the most fascinating things of watching the LRC this year has been the, “signature” storm. It started back in October with that incredible wind storm and record-breaking low pressure. Then, the storm returned in December with a very tough forecast. Our northern counties had 10″ of snow, Milwaukee had heavy rain. Of course, we will all remember the Groundhog Day blizzard forever. Probably the worst snow event I have ever been through. Finally, the cold rain and wind on March 22nd and 23rd. That same storm brought record-breaking snow to Green Bay.

Now, we prepare for the next round of the “signature” storm. The models are starting to pick up on this storm. There are still some questions that remain for us. The timing is starting to get narrowed down to Wednesday into early Thursday. It certainly looks like there will be plenty of wind ushering in warmth and moisture all the way into Wisconsin. That leads to some concern for severe weather in our area possible in the middle of the week. So far, the Storm Prediction Center is keeping their area of concern to our south.

The purple is for Tuesday. The green is for Wednesday. I have a feeling this will continue to move farther north as we push into next week.

Check out the computer models depiction of the storm. I’ll start with the European model. This is for Wednesday afternoon.

The European model is a little faster than the GFS.

The GFS has storms arriving closer to midnight. Keep in mind it is Friday so the timing will change. What won’t change is that we will have a storm to contend with next week.  Jeremy has mentioned this, but after the storm moves by, we have to be prepared for some cooler temperatures. I would not be surprised to see frost on Friday night or Saturday night.

Make sure you stay tuned to WISN-12 next week as we track the storm and follow us on Facebook.


Have a great weekend. Saturday will be mainly cloudy with a few showers. Highs will be in the 50s. Mother’s Day will be nicer with partly sunny skies and a high around 60. Happy Mother’s Day.



6 Responses

  1. Mark~

    Thanks for the update on the signature storm. At this point how much rain could we see in our area? With daily rain chances next week, do we need to be concerned about too much rain? Thanks.

    • Lori,

      Heavy rain is certainly possible. Too early to put any numbers out. We’ll have to see how the storms line up. Best chance of heavy rain would be Wednesday and Thursday.

  2. Mark – have you had the realization in stepping back for a second that you are watching a recurring pattern that nearly hits to the day on five different occasions over the last 7 months? Living in the theory everyday, there are still times it completely blows me away.


    • Scott, I know it blows me away. Just yesterday explaining the theory to my neighbors… after listening to them complain about how long winter was and how crappy spring has been… the first reaction is “what are you talking about?” but then after my calming rant, they understand I am serious and realize the outcomes are fact. Love it.

      The National Weather Service Central Region is holding their annual golf tournament in KC 6/13-17 this year and I have an urge to nudge a forecast based on the LRC in on them… I know some of the usual participants as I have golfed in the tournament before. I think it would be bold, but they all know I am just a COOP so I got nothing to lose. 🙂

      • Josh,

        I was telling someone the other day that has been following the LRC for about 3 months that even I am still blown away that this type of forecasting can be done weeks and months in advance!


    • Scott,

      It has never stopped amazing me. I have said it before, but it is nothing short of mindblowing.


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