Severe Storms And Jefferson County Hail

***Watch WISN 12 News for live radar updates!***

***UPDATE AT 10:35PM****

Nice break from the rain tonight. An isolated shower or two possible. Tomorrow afternoon could bring another round of strong storms. Large hail would be the biggest threat again. A few more pictures coming in on ulocal. Check out the hail pics from Hartland.

The above picture from Lazerboy5000 on ulocal. Golf ball size hail. After the storms moved through, we got some great shots of mammatus clouds from Waukesha. Thanks to Heather Shulz and and Bryan Montney.

I hope all of you got a chance to see the summer forecast based on the LRC on 12 news at 10 tonight. If not, check out Jeremy’s summer forecast done earlier this week. Enjoy tomorrow’s warm air before it gets much cooler this weekend.


Strong to severe thunderstorms will continue push through southeast Wisconsin.  Most of the storms should exit Wednesday evening.

For a live radar look make sure to check out the interactive radar!

Click Here For Live Interactive Radar!

Hail has pounded parts of Jefferson county Wednesday afternoon.  Around 2:34pm softball size hail was reported in 4 miles west of Jefferson at the intersection of highway 18 and 89.

Brad Koenig was passing through that area and drove back after the storm went by and took this picture.  The hail had melted some, but still golf ball sized!

Jefferson Hail 18 89

The picture below is from the U-Local section of   ‘Sue 1958’ sent this picture in from Jefferson.  The 2.5″ diameter hail measured below is around the size of a tennis ball.

Hail Jefferson Ruler Tennis Ball

This hailstone was likely around the size of an egg, about 2″ in diameter.  This picture is from ‘hedman’ and was taken at 2:45pm near Jefferson.

Jefferson Hail

If you have pictures to share, please post them to the U-Local section.  Just click below to see all of the hail pictures from Wednesday.


The thunderstorms will gradually weaken as they near Lake Michigan into the late afternoon and evening.  More storms may be possible tonight and again on Thursday.

Stay with Weather Watch 12 and WISN 12 for the latest updates!

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. Hi Guys!

    We just got back from our conference in Appleton a short time ago. Between Appleton and Wapun traveling 41 & 26, we encountered no precip., but really overcast. It got progressively “grayer” as we got closer to Waupun, and encountered light rain between Waupun and Juneau, and from Juneau to {home} Reeseville we drove in heavy rain, lets of vivid “jagged” lightning and thunder. There is 1/4″ of rain in the rain guage, but I don’t know how much of that is from Monday {since we left before the rain} and how much is from today.

    I did a quick check through on the blogs and posts I missed, so I think I am up to speed.

    Missed you guys and our interacting while gone. The Green Bay/Fox Cities TV weather coverage is nothing like home!

    Will stay in touch!


    • Thanks for checking in Don! Glad you had a good safe trip and glad to see you back posting!


  2. Storm report: appox 6pm
    So far anyway, the radar images looked a lot worse than anything I’ve experienced on the ground. Very little rain or wind and thankfully no hail! Have been hearing some thunder but have yet to see any lightning.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks for the report Tony!


  3. Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Rainfall report: Total amount as of 9 am is 0.10 inches. This amount includes all of yesterday and overnight.

    Tony (Pl. Prairie)

    • Thanks for the report Tony!


  4. Hi, Jeremy —

    I caught the “teaser” about the LRC forecast in the first half-hour last night — and Mark’s forecast — but then made a tragic mistake — I leaned too far back in my recliner and that makes my eyes go closed — so I missed the full report! I am soooo sorry 😦 And I am bummed too!

    Is there any chance the video will be on the “as seen on” section of the website? They just have the teaser on there now. Or will it be replayed like maybe on Sunday night? If not either of the above, how else can we catch a replay of it? Hope it’s not gone for good!

    Will be weather-watching with you this p.m. and will let you know if there’s anything to report.


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