More Hail Pictures & Next Chance of Storms

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  After a round of severe storms on Wednesday, we are closely watching the potential for more strong storms later Thursday.  In today’s blog we’ll discuss the chance for storms, look at the huge hail that fell in southeast Wisconsin on Wednesday, and finally check out some amazing video of lightning striking an airplane. 

Let’s start with a quick reminder.  Many of you have activities like sporting events, or just gardening planned at all times of the day.  Our interactive radar gives you the most recent radar image 24 hours a day.  You can loop the radar, zoom, and track storms.  To give it a try just click below…

Interactive Radar

By Thursday afternoon/evening another round of showers and thunderstorms will be possible across parts of southern Wisconsin.  While the severe threat doesn’t look as great as Wednesday’s set-up, some storms could contain hail and gusty winds.

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined our area as one that could see some hail on Thursday.  The threat is low, 5%, but still something we will monitor at WISN as the day progresses.  Here is the day 1 hail outlook.

Day 1 Hail Outlook May 12

The NAM computer model pops showers and t-storms by late afternoon and into the evening.  The latest data below is valid at 7pm Thursday.  Green represents rain.

NAM Rain Thursday May 12

The threat for rain will continue on and off through the weekend.  We’ll handle those details on WISN 12 News.

Wednesday’s storms dumped some large hail in our area.  Jefferson county was the bullseye for the biggest hail.  ‘Sue1958’ on the U-Local section of the sent in this picture from Jefferson.  The hailstone on the right measures 2.5″, around tennis ball size!

Jefferson Tennis Ball Hail May 11

WISN 12 reporter Nick Bohr picked up this piece of hail nearly 60 minutes after the storm dumped softball size hail around the intersection of highway 18 and 89 west of Jefferson.  Nick said this hailstone was around the size of a tennis ball.

Nick Bohr Hail May 11

Remember you can send us storm reports and pictures in many ways.  And your report or photo could end up on one of our newscasts.  Posting rainfall totals and storms reports to the comments section of the blog is one way to help us.

You can post pictures or reports on our Facebook page.  Just click below

WISN Wisconsin Weather Updates Facebook Page

Pictures can be uploaded to the U-Local section of here


Finally, I saw this video of lightning striking an airplane approaching London’s Heathrow Airport a few days ago.  Check it out!

Have a great day and make sure to drop us a comment and say hi!

Jeremy Nelson


5 Responses

  1. Jeremy —

    Thanks for the link to the video of last night’s LRC report. Like many others, I too am amazed that we can know so much so far in advance with a great degree of assurance. I was hoping the first week in June would be part of a less active pattern as we have some days off for fishing that week — but will fine tune those plans as that time draws closer — with yours and Mark’s help of course!

    A summer of 70’s and 80’s sounds very enjoyable.

    As for day 2 of the sig. storm part of the cycle, we’re having lots of warmth and humidity right now, some breeze, but not really windy, and sun is shining through breaks in the cloud cover. I do see some darker clouds in the west/southwest, but there are other clouds underdeath them.

    Will report back if anything breaks loose.

    Thanks again for the video link.


  2. This signature storm certainly has a very different look than the all the others. Temps well above normal for three days preceding it, rain for a couple days after it comes through, and even a chance it retrogrades and hits us again almost a week after its initial visit. Doesn’t seem like there is the tight gradient for major winds this time around either.

    • In looking at the 500mb level…which is the basis for the LRC the storm has looked very much like the others in my opinion. The first signature storm had above average temps from October 23-27. At the surface each season will have its twist to the storm. But this time through the flow aloft is a little weaker, so the storm will churn for a few days.

      I looked ahead in the pattern and the ‘bigger’ features are still on track. I think some storms possible May 23-24(see April 3-4 storms reports). It’s that part of the pattern. Then the month closes with what should be a big warm-up and also a potential for strong storms.


  3. So are we in for a summer of temps in the 60’s? When does the part of the pattern from early April repeat when we had the cold/snow/rain and temps in the 30’s?

    • Surprisingly, that cold spell you are referring to was actually later in April a week after that very warm day. Next time up would be about June 6-9 I think.

      I would guess when highs are tallied up at the end of August, the totals from highest to lowest would go like this for the three summer months…

      perhaps a couple of 50s early in June

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