80s to 40s, Ugly Weekend Forecast

With our crummy forecast, I thought I would start with a nice picture from Thursday evening’s sunset. A big thank you to Andy Szymczak for the beautiful sunset rainbow.

Thursday’s high temperature was 86 degrees, just one degree shy of a record high. Today’s high was a deceptive 68 degrees. That temperature was recorded at 6:30 in the morning. The temperature the rest of the day was only in the 50s. The weekend forecast is even worse. We won’t even touch 50 degrees this weekend. On top of that, strong winds will blow off of Lake Michigan all weekend. Winds will be 15-25 miles per hour with higher gusts making it feel even colder. Adding insult to injury, showers are possible. Best chance will be Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Check out the radar image from this evening and note the lack of precipitation in SE Wisconsin. The rain is surrounding us, but the NE winds have brought in dry air and that has kept the rain at bay. This is about the only good thing about this forecast. The only other positive in the forecast is the cool and showery weather will drop the pollen count down considerably. We had a slow start to the allergy season, but it has kicked in big time this week.

Lake Michigan temperatures are still very cold. The lake temperature is around 40 degrees right now. This natural air conditioner is nice in July and August, but not in April and May.

If you have been following the LRC (Lezak’s Recurring Cycle), as I know many of you have, you will notice the cooler air that lasts for about five days followed each of the “signature” storms. You probably also noticed that the “signature” storm is not exactly the same each time through, but each one has been significant in its’ own right. The “signature” storm this week did not have the strong jet stream that I though would accompany it. This was fortunate because if we would have had a stronger jet stream, I believe we would have seen much more severe weather. Even without the strong jet stream we still had huge hail on Wednesday afternoon.

Try to enjoy the weekend. Find a good movie to see.



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